Fast & Furious 11: Vin Diesel promises change

After the mixed success of Fast X, Vin Diesel has promised a lot of changes in the sequel, Fast & Furious 11.

saga latest episode fast and furious Didn’t get the expected success. In fact, as indicated fast and furious 10 reviewThe feature film suffers from several writing problems. The story struggles under the weight of the film’s huge cast and most of the characters add absolutely nothing. whether jason momoa The film turned out to be a surprise. sharp 10 Repeats all the mistakes of the previous opus.

If many American cinema media, with “here” orientation, report Vin Diesel Blamed Momoa for the failure of the film, not so. In contrast, Dominic Toretto’s interpreter recently congratulated Momoa on Instagram for the positive response from the public regarding his character.

Fast and Furious 11 will fix Fast X errors

always on instagram Vin Diesel posted a video with Sung Kang, They believe they are reviewing all the episodes in the franchise as well as fan feedback to improve whatever was wrong with Fast X in order to create an excellent sequel.

The post is accompanied by the following message: ‘The conversation never ends. Cayman Islands at 5 am. And the world will never realize that we are analyzing, revisiting, the mythology of Fast. We review all the feedback from our amazing fans and look forward to continuing to be in this creative dojo. There is plenty of inspiration and time to reflect. and to talk and to work (fast x: part 2) and to re-examine all the aspects that needed to be achieved, and this kind of scary path that we’re taking for fast x part 2 . We’ve finished our press tour and now it’s time to go back to production and it’s been a lot of fun. We take this seriously because we know how important it is to all of you.,

Recall that Gal Gadot will be back in Fast 11 and the film will be preceded by a second spin-off with Dwayne Johnson.

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