Fatal accident near Cabras, the truth in a video

The findings, the investigations, the testimonies but not only. To clarify the dynamics of the fatal accident that took place Saturday evening along the Provincial road 4 that connects Cabras, passing through Donigala, to Oristano, will also be the images of the camera installed in the Arst bus which was taken from the front by the Lancia Ypsilon driven by 46-year-old Cinzia Cotza shortly after 8pmwhich from the lagoon center was reaching the intersection of Provinciale 1 to head towards Oristano.

Waiting for the police to see the images of the tragic crash remains a certainty: those six kilometers of road are too narrow, with few warning signs and not at all illuminated. A perfect mix, unfortunately, because even fatal accidents like the one on Saturday night can occur.

The clash on Saturday occurred due to the invasion of the opposite lane by the Lancia Ypsilon which left no way out for the woman from Zeddiani, who died despite the immediate intervention of the 118 rescuers. On the other hand, the driver of the Arst bus who tried, at least according to some witnesses, to avoid the impact with the car by braking and moving the vehicle he was driving to the extreme edge of the carriageway. Some passengers of the bus instead reached the emergency room of the San Martino di Oristano hospital in the late evening for checks and after the visit they had a few days of prognosis.

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