Fatal beating of 28-year-old Dmitry Uskhopov. Nexta: this is the work of the Belarusian militia

Belarusian opposition media reported the death of 28-year-old Dmitry Uschopov. The man was about to be beaten to death by police officers after being arrested as he was on his way to his mother.

The opposition news channel Next reported the death of the 28-year-old. Dmitry Uskhopov was to be detained at a bus stop by the police and taken to the police station in Rzeczyca in the south of the country. There, the officers were to interrogate him and injure the man.

At the police station, Dmitry was supposed to pass out and, in a coma, was taken to hospital. Doctors, however, were unable to save him. Nexta published photos of the 28-year-old’s body showing serious injuries. “Visible bruises on the wrists and knees and a round wound on the head. On the back there were traces of torture by the executioners” – he added.

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Officers beat Dmitry to death. The 28-year-old was going to his mother

The Belarusian investigative committee denied that the injuries to Dmitry’s body contributed to his death. Nexta said the police are searching the apartment of the man’s mother, to whom he traveled on December 31.

“On New Year’s Eve, the regime took the life of Dmitry Uschop. He was arrested and beaten to death. In this case, there was nothing political. For the regime, violence has become a normal behavior towards Belarusians – not only the protesters, but the whole population” – wrote Swiatlana Cichanouska, the leader of Belarusian opposition.

This is another case of fatal beatings by the Belarusian services in recent months. In November 2020, Raman Bandarenka died, who was attacked by unknown men in the vicinity of the so-called Przemian Square (Minsk micro-district, where the inhabitants showed their support for the opposition).


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