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In fact, in practice, these are normal rotations. And also mergers if on our island we consider that the Churches are always many but the priests are fewer and fewer. Ergo, it takes little to understand that the accounts do not add up. But the new pinwheel, or if you prefer “revolution”, launched by the bishop of Ischia Gennaro Pascarella inevitably causes discussion and above all has raised an immediate debate among the faithful. With a blow and a response that in many cases do not seem at all to “turn the other cheek”, rather they are very reminiscent of the conflicts between Guelphs and Ghibellines. It all stems from the circumstance linked to the fact that the pastor of the island diocese has made a series of appointments that, as we shall see, have an illustrious victim, indeed a very illustrious one. But let’s go in order. Pascarella has appointed the new vicar of the Diocese of Ischia and it is the priest Gaetano Pugliese, who among other things already held the office of episcopal chancellor. Pugliese thus takes over from the historic parish priest of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in San Pietro, don Agostino Iovene, who in a note the same bishop thanks “for the service and dedication rendered to the Church in his eight years as vicar”. The priest Carlo Mazzella, former episcopal chancellor, assumes the office of episcopal chancellor.

Don Carlo Candido

All the other “movements” were explained like the previous ones in a press release released yesterday afternoon, we report them in full and verbatim: “The Bishop has transferred the headquarters of the parish of S. Maria Assunta in Ischia from the diocesan sanctuary of S. Giovan Giuseppe della Croce to the Conventual Church of S. Antonio, appointing the Rev. Fr. Mario Lauro (Order of Friars Minor) parish priest of the aforementioned parish. Bishop Gennaro will preside over the entry rite of the new parish priest on Saturday 8 October 2022. The Rev. P. Vincenzo Ponticelli (Order of the Friars Minor) is appointed parish vicar of S. Maria Assunta in Ischia and Rector of the Church of S. Francesco in Forio. Mons. Pascarella thanks the Rev. Sac. Carlo Candido for the twelve years of presbyteral ministry that he carried out as pastor of the parish of S. Maria Assunta in Ischia. The Rev.do Sac. Giuseppe Caruso, former parish administrator of S. Francesco Saverio in Forio, is appointed pastor of that parish. The Rev.do Sac. Marco Trani, former parish administrator of San Ciro Martire in Ischia, is appointed pastor of the aforementioned parish and moderator of the pastoral unit of Ischia Porto concerning the parishes of Santa Maria di Portosalvo, Santa Maria delle Grazie in San Pietro, and San Ciro ”.

The Diocese of Ischia

In short, a real distortion of the “clerical map” on our island, but due to what? In fact, in Italy the Episcopal Conference (and therefore all the Italian bishops) has established that the appointment of a parish priest has a duration of nine years (source canon law CEI). From here comes the decision of Msgr. Gennaro Pascarella to rotate some parish priests. It should also be said that this process is absolutely not a golden rule: in other cases, priests are not moved but always for very specific reasons such as seniority (being close to retirement), health reasons and other well-defined circumstances and circumscribed. The problem with this shuffling of the cards, we said at the beginning, is that it has produced an illustrious victim, namely the parish priest of Ischia Ponte, Don Carlo Candido, who, according to the state of the art, finds himself not a priest of any island parish. certainly represents a sensational fact. What will Carlo do then? Will he take a “sabbatical” year? Will he continue to follow the young people from all over the island with whom he has always shown that he knows how to have a particular feeling? Will he have other assignments? It is difficult to understand now what will happen, probably between Candido and Bishop Pascarella there will have to be a confrontation and above all some proposal will have to come out that the second will have to formulate to the first.

Don Marco Trani

In the meantime, the climate is not exactly the best. Among the many comments that have been wasted on social media, there is that of Alessandro Mazzella who says about him outspokenly and provoking the inevitable chain reaction. He writes verbatim: “I learn the news that you will no longer be the parish priest of Ischia Ponte, I am deeply sorry, I am also sorry for those faithful parishioners who have helped you so much and love you so much, but unfortunately as in many other realities where you try to doing the will of God there is always the representation of those who do the will of the Devil, (and for these statements I take all the responsibility) this representation should stay away from the house of God and away from the material goods of that church. Wherever you go now I am happy, as long as you are happy, because if you are happy too ”. In short, hard and clear words, almost like an ultras, then there is also Marco who for example is peremptory: “Hands off Don Carlo otherwise I’ll call the Pope”.


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