Fathers and daughters, the incredible film with Amanda Seyfried: cast and plot

Fathers and daughtersfilm of the 2015 directed by Gabriel Muccinois a sensational film, capable of reaching the heart with its own intensity. It is an incredible and troubled journey, which analyzes what should be one of the most magical and special relationships, that between a father and a daughter. Get ready to immerse yourself in the past, to travel a long trajectory for years to rebuild, between traumas and memoriesa complex family affair, which has led to a present in which the purity of love seems to have been forgotten, hidden bydarkness of life and childhood.

Fathers and daughters, the exciting film with Amanda Seyfried: plot

Fathers and daughtersfilm dating back to the distant 2016 and directed by Gabriel Muccinois a timeless film, suitable for anyone who wants get excited and (re)discover the magic of love. But what’s the movie about?

Jake Davisbestselling novelist, lost his wife to a horrendous car accident. Widowed, another big challenge lies in raising the little daughter Katieespecially given the mental disorder that afflicts him, preventing him from leading a peaceful life. Just for Katie’s sake, she decides to seek treatment in a psychiatric hospital, leaving her daughter to her uncles, William and Elizabeth. Subsequently the little girl falls victim to one legal case, which will see the father, now resigned, fight strenuously to recover his guardianship, after the lawsuit brought by his uncles to adopt the child. It won’t be the only obstacle in Katie’s life, that she will soon have to face new darkness, coming to terms with experiences that will lead her to lose faith in love. However, perhaps a special encounter, with the young man Cameronwill be able to make them review a new light.

Fathers and daughters, who is in the cast of the exciting film?

Fathers and daughters it’s a movie mind blowingwhose intensity is based on the parallels between present and past and, above all, on the skill of a excellent castamong which names such as stand out Amanda Seyfriedin the difficult role of Katie, a woman grappling with the darkness of her past; Russell Croweas novelist Jake Davis, who will have to do anything to get his baby back; Aaron Paul, in the role of Cameron, perhaps a hope in Katie’s life. But also Diana Kruger as Elisabeth e Bruce Greenwood in William’s. In short, real certainties in this incredible cast, also given the presence of three Oscar-winning actors such as Russell Crowe, Octavia Spencer And Jane Fonda.

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