Fauci: There is no way we can eliminate COVID-19 from our lives

2022-01-12 10:11

2022-01-12 10:11

Fauci: There is no way we can eliminate COVID-19 from our lives
Fauci: There is no way we can eliminate COVID-19 from our lives
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White House chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci said in a meeting with Washington’s CSIS think tank that there is no way to eliminate COVID-19 from society. In his opinion, the US is approaching the point where it will switch to a new normal, living with the coronavirus.

He added that the coronavirus variant “omicron, with its remarkable, unprecedented ability to transmit, will eventually catch almost everyone,” and it is unrealistic to eliminate the disease caused by the virus.

According to Fauci, the US is about to enter a new phase, “where there will be enough protection in society, enough medicine available, so if someone at high risk becomes infected, it will be very easy to treat.”

“Once we get there, there will be a change, and at this point we can be on its doorstep,” Fauci said. However, he added that in a situation where almost a million new infections are detected in the US daily, almost 150,000 are registered. hospitalizations and over 1,200 COVID-19-related deaths, the country is yet to reach this stage.

According to official data, there are currently over 145.9 thousand hospitalized in the USA. people with COVID-19, a significant percentage of which was hospitalized for other reasons, such as an injury, and the infection was detected in these people after a routine coronavirus test (PAP).

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