“FAZ”: The EC’s decision is a blow to Germany’s climate policy

Since the new year, not six, but only have been operating in Germany three nuclear power plants. The reactors in Brokdorf (Schleswig-Holstein), Grohnde (Lower Saxony) and Gundremmingen (Bavaria) were shut down as scheduled on December 31, 2021.

“Germany takes a separate path”

The Izera 2 near Bavarian is still in operation Landshut, as well as reactors in Emsland (Lower Saxony) i Neckarwestheim 2 (Baden-Württemberg), but their days are also numbered. The complete withdrawal from nuclear energy, which the German government decided in 2011 after the reactor accident in Fukushima in Japan, is to take place by the end of this year at the latest.

“With this step, Germany is taking a separate path in the international arena,” emphasizes “FAZ”. Many European countries stay with nuclear power to meet climate goals, some are building new reactors. In the background of these decisions is the fact that by 2030 greenhouse gas emissions in the EU should fall by 55%. compared to 1990

“Since producing one kilowatt hour of electricity with nuclear power produces significantly less CO2 emissions than from lignite or gas, advocates like to call nuclear technology green. In the EU, this position is taken especially by France, “notes” FAZ “.

France can now speak of success – as part of the so-called taxonomy The European Commission has proposed to classify nuclear energy and gas as “green energy sources” under certain conditions. Environmentalists fear that if investments in nuclear and gas power plants are also deemed “sustainable”, the expansion of renewable energy sources will not make enough progress.

Germany’s return to nuclear energy?

The European Commission does not agree with such an initiative Robert Habeck (The Greens), minister responsible for the economy and climate protection in the new German government. Habeck had previously ruled out Germany’s return to nuclear power, saying that “he has not yet met a politician who would like to have a radioactive waste repository in his constituency,” so he said that the debate was unnecessary.

However, “FAZ” points out that “with each reactor shut down, the question of how Germany intends to meet the future demand for electricity, which is expected to rise sharply if, for example, the number of electric cars on the roads increases. ” shift away from lignite by 2030

According to the assumptions, Germany should acquire this year 80 percent electric energy from renewable sources. However, in 2021, the share of these sources in the total electricity production not only did not increase, but even fell to 41%. “Currently, lignite and hard coal cover more than a quarter of Germany’s electricity needs, and nuclear energy almost 12%.” – underlines “FAZ”. Habeck believes that this problem is easy to solve – instead of building 450 wind turbines a year as before, it should be built up to three times as many.

The country that relies most heavily on nuclear energy on a European scale is France, which has as many as 56 reactors. Only the United States has more. “Elected in 2017 for president Emmanuel Macron he wanted to withdraw the country from nuclear energy, following the example of Germany, and to vigorously develop wind and solar energy. This has changed with the ongoing energy price crisis “- reminds the newspaper, adding that Macron has already announced the construction of more reactors.

“As for the countries of Eastern Europe, nuclear energy is popular and socially acceptable here” and “all major countries in Eastern Europe, except Poland, produce nuclear energy,” adds “FAZ”. As he points out, there are 15 reactors in Ukraine, two in Bulgaria and Romania, four in Hungary and Slovakia. Belarus commissioned the first such facility in the summer of last year. “There is a debate in Poland on the construction of the first nuclear power plant as an alternative to coal-based energy,” notes Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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