FCA, the sentence of 300 million euros comes after a historic sentence | Fiat is also in trouble

The FCA brand has received a heavy sentence that will make it lose 300 million euros. Fiat implicated in the accusations.

This is not a good time for Italian car brands, especially the best known ones. After decades in which Made in Italy has made its best known at a production and commercial level, there seems to be a huge step backwards due to various reasons. It can also be seen with the bad figures that Ferrari’s prancing horse is collecting from race to race and from the anonymity of recent years in the F1 rankings.

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In addition, even Fiat fails to have the maximum splendor at the moment. The past marriage with Chrysler, from which the FCA brand was born, has experienced moments of glory and others of baseness of sensational levels. Like the one that has just passed the sentence reached the court of the top corporate executives.

The history of the FCA

Born from the merger between the Italian and the US car manufacturer, it was then decided to transfer the registered office to the Netherlands. Worldwide it has always lived up to expectations, positioning itself as the eighth manufacturing force in the sector in comparison with the others. In 2021, however, there was the inclusion of another company within the brand, namely, Groupe PSA, from which the company Stellantis was born.

The sentence that decreed the maxi sanction for the FCA

What has happened recently is shocking, given the amount of illegal activities carried out by the leaders of the Italian-American company. Effectively, there is talk of a beautiful and good fraud, to the detriment of the health of citizens. To be precise, it is a circumvention of the regulations regarding diesel emissions.

The Department of Justice gave the charge for the investigation into the FCA. What has been notified to the managers of the company is the lack of compliance with current regulations. The latter were charged with making untrue statements about the situation.

He teaches FCA out of business
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The vehicles finished under the control of the US Department are over 100,000 and concern the Ram 1500 models and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The years of production of these archetypes range from 2014 to 2016. Three years ago Stellantis also paid $ 800 million after an agreement reached with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Justice, the State of California and some civil actors.

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