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‘I put my face in this government. I want to do well, the moment is important, we will give our maximum commitment ‘. This was said – according to some present – by Giorgia Meloni during the executive.

After two and a half hours, the meeting of the national executive of the Brothers of Italy, with the president Giorgia Meloni, in the party headquarters in Rome, in via della Scrofa, ended.
Among others, Andrea Delmastro, Ignazio La Russa, Fabio Rampelli, Raffaele Fitto, Marcello Gemmato, Tommaso Foti and the parliamentary group leaders Luca Ciriani and Francesco Lollobrigida were present.

The leader of Fdi, upon her arrival, coming out of the car with the mobile phone in her hand, to reporters who asked her if she was reading the list of ministers, she replied that she was reading text messages. Then, urged on, when asked if Matteo Salvini’s messages were among the messages, Meloni nodded with a smile.

“I do not understand” that there is a veto on Matteo Salvini’s arrival at the Viminale, “however now we are going to this meeting to understand the picture. Then it will be Giorgia Meloni, when she deems, to inform you”, said the deputy of FdI Fabio Rampelli, responding to journalists before entering the party headquarters. “Controversies? I don’t know where these controversies are sincerely, there are three parties that must compose a government, it is normal that they discuss, indeed it seems to me that things are going very well, because there is really no controversy”, added Rampelli, and those who asked him about the League’s “shopping list” on ministries replied: “Everyone has a shopping list, I don’t think this can be represented as a problem. They have given indications that we will discuss. There is no nervousness – he added -, the legitimate attention of the media circuit creates much more nervousness than there is in reality “.

Rampelli: ‘I have no vetoes on Salvini at the Viminale’

“We are talking about the historical phase of Italy and the world and thinking about the great responsibility – said the group leader in the Chamber of FdI, Francesco Lollobrigida, on the progress of the national executive of the party – which we could soon find ourselves embodying with Giorgia Meloni. If this is the case, we will try with discipline and responsibility to lead Italy out of the situations in which our citizens and our businesses are finding themselves. “To those who asked him if the list of ministries indicated by the League is being discussed, Lollobrigida has replied that “no, this is not the seat: Giorgia Meloni, in the event that President Mattarella will be appointed to form a government, will think in detail about the best people who can occupy positions of responsibility and who can work best to respond immediately to needs of the Italians and then in strategic terms, and how to relaunch our nation “.

Lollobrigida: ‘Meloni will think about ministries if appointed by Mattarella’

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