fear for Anne Hathaway: the actress was in danger of dying from hypothermia

An accident on the set of Insterstellar nearly cost Anne Hathaway her life.

In the movie Interstellar director Christopher Nolan makes a sort of pact with the viewer. To fully enter the plot, he asks him to make an effort to follow the explanations related to the world of physics and to keep up with the story of the characters, whose main characters, Cooper and Amelia Brand, are respectively played by Matthew McCounaghey and Anne Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway: One step away from death while filming Interstellar

Interstellar Anne Hathaway and Matthew McCounaghey

The ambition not to cross over into speculations that are the fruit of mere fantasy, but really discussed by the scientific community, has pushed Nolan to avail himself of the astrophysicist’s advice. Kip Thorne. Beyond these problems related to the realization of such a monumental work, Interstellar he also had to face more difficult and dangerous challenges, including the one that saw, in spite of himself, the protagonist Anne Hathaway.

As reported by the The Telegraphcollaborating with Christopher Nolan led Anne Hathaway to be particularly stressed during the shoot. Since she brings on stage one of the four astronauts who travel in space, she spends most of her time “forced” to act suspended with some harnessesfloating in mid-air and suffering from motion sickness (movement sickness, such as seasickness for example).

Still, what tested her the most in Interstellar it was plunge into the icy water of Iceland: experience almost sent her in hypothermia and the belief that he would lose his life while making the feature film.

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To tell the same Anne Hathaway, in an interview for the The Telegraph. In the scene, his character is immersed in water and trapped. So she went underwater expecting her, even if she didn’t feel heat, she at least she would be dry. But after just ten seconds of hers its diving suit it was totally full of water.

She didn’t know what was happening or why, but as her set mates gave her the impression that they were all suffering from the cold she didn’t say a word. And at some point it all started to tinglehe couldn’t hear anything and things were starting to happen blurry around the edges.

So Anne Hathaway spilled the beans and Nolan took action to stop the work. He later discovered that one zip of his suit had remained slightly openand this had allowed the frozen water to enter and bring her one step closer to death from hypothermia.

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