Fede Valverde explains why he is not considering Premier League offers

The ex-footballer continues to give something to talk about with his new partner. Apparently, the relationship between Gerard Piqué and Shakira has become a soap opera that reveals itself with countless chapters, and which also continues day by day, bringing to light surprising details that no one had imagined.

And since the former footballer declared his romantic relationship with Clara Chía, he has made the whole world focus its attention on them and be aware of everything that is happening in his life, and even more on a personal level.

We know well that Pique is repudiated by many people for the bad actions he committed against the mother of his children, which made everyone criticize him and his young friend, which is why they preferred to stay away from the paparazzi, the press and the followers, who undoubtedly take advantage of any opportunity to throw negative darts without compassion.

That’s why, during his recent vacation with his girlfriend and even though Piqué wanted to keep it a secret, the press investigated and caught them enjoying their stable family happiness, living a few days of luxury in Croatia and without regrets.

A Spanish media outlet has revealed the cost of renting the luxurious yacht on which Gerard Piqué took Clara Chía and her family. The portal revealed that the price paid for this boat is between 24,000 and 33,000 euros, an exuberant amount of money that, of course, is not within everyone’s reach.

The yacht, which the businessman rented and where he showed his second summer of love, would have opted for the Azimut model, built in 2017 and reconditioned in 2023, with capacity for eight people.

It consists of four suites and another VIP, all with their respective private bathrooms. Additionally, a main living room, kitchen, air conditioning and Wi-Fi.

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