Federer’s unbelievable statement on his retirement


Federer’s unbelievable statement on his retirement

Published on August 8, 2023 at 04:35 am

From 2022 onwards, tennis fans will not get a chance to admire Roger Federer on the court. The Swiss retired at the age of 40, having won at least 20 Grand Slams during his career. Although tennis is the maestro’s life, it had to come to an end, and he later admitted that he was relieved to retire.

within the symbolic big 3there is only Novak Djokovik who are still in court. The Serb is in great shape even at the age of 36 and he definitely still has a few years left in his racket. it seems more complicated for Rafael Nadal, who would attempt a hypothetical return in 2024 for a final year on the circuit. After that, he will be joined by the legendary Roger Federer, who has retired in 2022 after a very long career.

Federer feared for his life after tennis

For new York Times, Roger Federer When he finished his career, he looked back. The Swiss admitted that he had sensed the moment. “I always feel like I peak and then move on. I didn’t know how I would handle life without the game, life without fans and life without the program that dominated my life for 25 years. For a long time I tried to go back, give myself one last chance and leave the sport in a healthy way, but it was not possible. But the good/bad part of Covid and my knee surgery is that in the last three years everything has started to slow down, so it’s not like I played 100 games and boom, it was over. ,

“I am relieved and happy to retire”

Today with a little foresight, Roger Federer Happy to be retired, especially as it was a great departure from the world of tennis. “Finally, I am relieved and happy to retire. It ended in the best way possible at the Laver Cup. I was surrounded by my biggest rivals and my family and friends were there. For me, it was like I was like, okay, I’m okay now. I no longer need to pursue this wish. ,

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