Fedez, MRI 6 months after the operation: how did it go. Photo and video

Six months after the pancreatic tumor was removed, the rapper underwent an MRI. Then his joy explodes: “All right! Heartfelt thanks for all the beautiful messages “

Fedez, the good news thrills all his fans: six months after the removal of the neurendocrine tumor in the pancreas, the rapper underwent an MRI. Then he shared the great joy with the follower: “All good! Heartfelt thanks for all the beautiful messages “- photo | video 1 | video 2

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BEAUTIFUL SIGNALS – The news of the tumor had been shocking. But the first positive signs had already begun after the surgery. In May, it emerged that the lymph nodes had not been affected. And at the end of July another routine check was favorable. Now it’s the turn of the resonance.

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EVERYTHING IS FINE – Fedez announced it to followers with a photo in an IG Story: “A nice MRI is waiting for me (which I don’t particularly like). Send good vibes. ” Later, here is the result, which the rapper greets in a photo in which he shows his fingers in a V, as a sign of victory: “All right! Heartfelt thanks for all the beautiful messages ”. The worst now seems to be behind us.

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