Fedez shock: with worse person tumor

The Milanese rapper returned to talk about the rare neuroendocrine cancer of the pancreas in a podcast on Youtube: “When you get sick, do you discover the meaning of life? With the c ….”

The occasion of the reflection on the tumor passed six months ago was the presence in the studio of the philosopher Umberto Galimberti, with whom we talked about the future. “Very often there is the damage of the established goals, that is: if something happens to you you have to reach a certain point. It is not so”, began Fedez, who then told how his emotional management of the disease went against his common narrative.

“Taking a personal example, – explained Fedez, speaking on the merits, – when I got cancer, the narrative that must have been in my head was: I had cancer and consequently this experience will improve me as a human being. But who the c …. said that? “.

To get to the shock confession: “They tell you that when you get sick you discover the true meaning of life, but with the c …., my life got worse, I became depressed and I became a worse human being after cancer. And that’s the cool thing about my cancer. Why should I be a better person? “.

“It is part of Christian culture, because for Christians pain has a value because it redeems you from sin and is a para for eternity. And therefore pain is staged as a positive thing”, was the response to these. revelations of the philosopher Galimberti.

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