Felicity Jones’ monologue on Power for the Aston Martin DBX 707 Campaign

The promotion campaign of the Aston Martin DBX 707 SUV continues with this spot starring actress Felicity Jones and a monologue exploring the concept of Power. Here’s what it is…

A Monologue which investigates the evolution of the definition of Candies within our company, it is the background (sound) to the new spot of the promotion campaign SUVs from the Aston Martin which takes the name of DBX707. A car officially launched a few months ago and which is still experiencing its moment of maximum publicity. And to give the face to this new and “fresh”, but busy, advertising campaign, the choice of the English brand fell on the world-famous compatriot actress who goes by the name of Felicity Jonesprotagonist (among others) of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

And the British star, in fact, who addresses us spectators with an intense gaze asking us (literally): “Power, what is this?”; then continuing with another series of questions concerning the semantic value of this word so important and varied. Meanwhile, while the adventurous Jyn Erso from Star Wars continues with her resolute monologue, on the horizon, in this marvelous typically English landscape dispersed among the unspoiled nature of Dartmoor National Park (and “cut” only by a long, narrow paved path ), a beautiful example of DBX707 can be glimpsed; the new lluxurious and sporty Aston Martin branded SUV. The car hurtles right in the direction of the actress, following the rhythm dictated by the monologue itself with extreme obedience.

“This captivating short film – he explains Renato BisignaniGlobal Head of Marketing & Communications at Aston Martin – is an example of Aston Martin’s drive to inject emotion and poignancy into the marketing of our products, challenging the creative conventions customers have become accustomed to since automotive sector. Eight months after its launch, DBX 707 continues with its performance, the supercar driving dynamics and unmistakable style. Through this content, we have sought to bring these attributes to life in a creative way, pairing a powerful script with an elegant performer who delivers a strong and intense performance. Shot and produced in the UK, the campaign reflects our passion for collaborating with leading British talent to bring the Aston Martin brand and our unique combination of ultra-luxury and high performance“.

A real one short film therefore, a product artistic and advertising at the same time. A peculiar spot on Aston Martin’s official social networks and on some carefully selected media from the car brand; a first step that marks a new path for the London-born “winged” company, a new creative identity of the brand that takes the name of “Intensity Driven“, the last writing that appears on the screen (before the Aston Martin logo) at the end of the commercial.

But let’s find out better what this novelty is all about four wheels coming from the British market, and above all let’s see why the monologue on power so well praised by Felicity Jones fits perfectly with the car shown. Here, then, is DBX707; the SUV that combines sportiness and elegance making them unique and perfect…

Power: from the monologue to the car


Well yes, the power so cited in the monologue “sung” by the British actress does not only refer to the societal and humanitarian implications, but also (and above all) concerns this vehicle and its characteristics. An SUV that surely has no equal anywhere on Earth. Unique, exclusive and powerful; the DBX707, in fact, presents itself in the eyes of the public (and on the world car market) as the standard SUV most powerful in the world. A fury that goes to the limits of excess, but which is calmly controlled by the technology and engineering developed by the English company’s technical staff. Important information regarding the engine used for this car is given to us directly by the name of the same; that 707in fact, is none other than the value of the power supplied by the imposing V8 biturbo, or (precisely) 707 HP of maximum power (with a torque equal to 900 Nm). Data, these just described, which allow the vehicle to reach 310 km/h as the maximum speed that can be reached.

“We should all want something more powerful,” Jones says at the end of the Aston Martin-produced spot; and if you’re looking for a more powerful car, well, you certainly won’t get any better than this DBX707! The price to buy one? The price list under cost indicates a basic expense which starts from 254,513 euros and then go up.

An SUV with aggressive and ferocious lines


Finally, the concept of power can also be translated into aggressive and ferocious lines that make up the complete aesthetics of this car. The DBX707, in fact, presents itself as a slightly alternative SUV; elongated and slender, aerodynamic and “bad”. This last value (perhaps a little extreme) is certainly given by the large black front grille, and by the huge rear extractor.

The interiors, on the other hand, are sporty and classy; semi-aniline upholstery, racing-inspired stitching, perforated seats, double-thickness mats and a split-edge steering wheel, with the horn area covered in leather. Luxury has never been so sporty!

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