Felipe and the Priest is already in the target Record, so the next ‘on The Farm’ – 02/04/2020


As well as the entire world, for the Record, also, on the evening of Tuesday, he was on the wall the history of the “BBB20, with the elimination of Felipe and the Priest, in competition with the Manu Gavassi-and Maria Gonzalez.

So much so that the people responsible for the department of artistic work to take care of to converse with the former’s brother, as soon as possible.

And the subject matter, last discussed at a meeting of the board of directors.

The priest is the target, perhaps the main thing here, to be among the participants of the next edition of “The Farm”, due to start in September.

There is a belief that, until then, it will have already been fulfilled in the period of the contract, even though, that prevents him from appearing or participating in the programs of the competition.

On the night of the elimination, move to the Country.

Players like Neymar and Gabigol, among others, football, state fans, the University, as Bruna Marquezine, has been mobilised part of the artists in favor of a friend-Manu Gavassi.

In the end, the departure of the architect of the program, with the 56,73%.

These issues were very much discussed by the board of the Record, and hence, there is an interest in the transaction.

*Collaborated With Jose Carlos, Nery

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