FEN 37: Fight Results and Shortcuts (VIDEO)

The FEN 37 gala has come to an end. Mateusz Rębecki (15-1, 8 KO, 4 SUB) defeated Arkadije Osipyan (7-3, 3 KO, 4 SUB) and kept the championship belt in light weight. The new champions of the organization are Cezary Oleksiejczuk (8-2, 3 KO, 2 SUB), Szymon Bajor (23-9, 10 KO, 10 SUB) and Anatoly Hunanyan (39-8 – K-1). Check the results and shortcuts of the FEN 37 fights.


70.3 kg: Mateusz Rębecki (15-1, 8 KO, 4 SUB) defeated Arkadije Osipyan (7-3, 3 KO, 4 SUB) by unanimous decision of the judges.

77.1 kg: Anatoly Hunanyan (39-8 – K-1) defeated Dominik Zadora (26-9 – K-1) by technical knockout (punches) in the third round.

120.2 kg: Szymon Bajor (23-9, 10 KO, 10 SUB) defeated Bartosz Szewczyk (3-1, 2 KO, 1 SUB) by submission (behind-the-back choke) in the second round.

77.1 kg: Cezary Oleksiejczuk (8-2, 3 KO, 2 SUB) defeated Aigun Akhmedov (22-3, 6 KO, 5 SUB) by unanimous decision of the judges (50-45, 50-45, 50-45).

77.1 kg: Adrian Zieliński (21-11, 7 KO, 6 SUB) defeated Szymon Dusza (10-7, 8 KO, 1 SUB) by unanimous decision of the judges.

83.9 kg: Piotr Kuberski (9-1, 6 KO) defeated Krystian Bielski (8-4, 3 KO, 1 SUB) by unanimous decision of the judges (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

61.2 kg: Mariusz Joniak (9-4, 1 KO, 6 SUB) defeated Lukas Chotenovsky (6-1, 2 KO, 1 SUB) by KO (right hook) in the first round.

52.2 kg: Barbara Nalepka (13-2 – K-1) defeated Hanna Gujwan (4-4 – K-1) by unanimous decision of the judges (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

95 kg: Mario Žgela (5-2, 3 KO, 2 SUB) defeated Adam Kowalski (13-7-1, 2 KO, 3 SUB) by technical knockout (left hook and ground strikes) in the first round.
Semi-pro: 93 kg: Lukasz Olech (5-0) defeated Paweł Pełski (7-2) by submission (triangular leg choke) in the second round.

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FEN 37 is over. Thank you for following the live coverage!

Mateusz Rębecki kept his belt!

5th Round

The picture of the fight has not changed. Visible advantage of Rębecki in every plane. Osipyan did not try to end the duel ahead of time. Verdict in a moment. The Master remains on the throne!

Fourth Round

Osipyan took more blows, but they did not impress him much. Rębecki dominated the stand-up, wrestling and the ground floor. The last installment is ahead of us!

Round 3

The champion pushed the contender to the net again and there he dominated in kick-boxing exchanges. Osipya threatened with some nice counterattacks. Apart from these uprisings, the fight was decidedly dictated by Rębecki.

Round II

Rębecki was good at standing up, attacking with punches and kicks. The “Chinaman” also brings his rival to the ground without any major problems. There, however, Osipyan defends himself well. In subsequent rounds, the decisive factor will be which of them will endure better.

First Round

Rębecki started in his own style by exerting pressure on the stand-up. Later he moved to wrestling and looked for a fugitive from behind a rival. When the fight hit the ground, the “Chinaman” sought surrender by mataleo and balacha. The end of the round was already in a stand-up. The second round is ahead of us!

A smiling Rębecki is following in his footsteps!

Osipyan on his way to the cage!

Here is the abbreviation of the co-main event.

And there is only the most important FEN 37 duel ahead of us! Rębecki – Osipyan – getting closer!

Hunanyan defeated Zadora for the second time in his career. Before that, both players faced each other in 2018. The Czech was also better then.

In an interview after the fight, Zadora said that he probably broke his nose in the second round. Hunanyan, in turn, emphasized that he was overjoyed to win the title!

Hunanyan clearly showed an advantage in the third installment. There were also knee blows to Zadora’s face. Finally, the Czech attacked with a combination of low kick and left hook. This last blow sent Zadora to the boards. The judge started counting, but the Pole did not get up. FEN has a new master!

End of the fight! Zadora knocked out in the third round!

Round II

Hunanyam seemed more active. The Czech diversified attacks and mixed boxing with kicks. At one point, Zadora grabbed his rival’s hips, marking the import. For this he was punished with a warning. The next rounds will be very interesting!

First Round

Both players tested themselves for most of the round. They only picked up the pace at the end of the round. For now, however, neither wants to take more risks.

The first gong was preceded by a minute of silence devoted to Tomasz Skrzypek – Zadora’s coach for many years, who died two years ago.

Hunanyan vs Zadora and therefore the third championship fight in this gala! It’s in a moment!

And this was a championship match in the royal category.

This is what Szymon Bajor had to say after the fight.

We already know two new FEN champions. They are Cezary Oleksiejczuk and Szymon Bajor!

It was clear again which of the players had the full preparation period and more experience behind him. Bajor brought him back and beat Szewczyk on the ground floor. Finally he moved behind his back and fastened his mataleo. Szewczyk tapped out. In a moment, a belt will hang on Bajor’s hips!

Szymon Bajor is the temporary FEN heavyweight champion! Szewczyk subjected to behind-the-back choke in the second round!

First Round

Szymon Bajor made three successful takedowns. On the ground floor, he used the advantage of experience and took his rival’s oxygen. Szewczyk must avoid the ground floor at all costs if he wants to win. The first match definitely for a competitor from Rzeszów.

It’s time to meet your new Interim Heavyweight Champion. Szymon Bajor versus Bartosz Szewczyk!

We also invite you to the shortcut of the Oleksiejczuk-Akhmedov fight.

Here’s what the new champion had to say after the fight.

Oleksiejczuk won the belt and gained valuable experience. Another great challenges ahead of him!

After the fight, Oleksiejczuk announced that he wanted a duel with Michał Materla!

Cezary Oleksiejczuk is the new FEN champion in welterweight!

5th Round

We didn’t have to wait long for the fight to move to earth. Oleksiejczuk exercised absolute control over the duel. He was also in no hurry to finish the fight ahead of time. The five-round match is a very valuable experience for Oleksiejczuk, who will probably soon be announced the new FEN champion in welterweight!

Fourth Round

After Akhmedov’s unsuccessful kick, Oleksiejczuk followed his rival behind his back. Then the fight moved to the ground floor, where the Pole marked his advantage until the end of the round. A competitor of the Wilanów Fighting Sports Academy attacked with blows on the ground floor and at one point he finished the crucifix. Akhmedov, however, has already shown that he can defend himself against this technique. Nevertheless, the round is definitely for Oleksiejczuk.

Round 3

Akhmedov is already very tired. Oleksiejczuk again dominated the stand-up. The fight went to the ground in a similar way to previous matches – defending the takedown and going to top control. For some time he controlled the fight from the side. Then the fight went back to standing for a moment and then back to the ground. A Pole dominated there.

Round II

Oleksiejczuk again began to put his rival in a stand-up. In the end, the Pole defended the takedown and a moment after the rejection attacked his opponent with his knee on the ground floor, but the judge decided that there was no violation of the rules. On the ground floor, Oleksiejczuk had a rival in the crucifix and dosiad. However, he did not take his chances and Akhmedov spent the second half of the round upstairs. This smoothed out the course of the fight!

First Round

Akhmedov has a very uncoordinated and unconventional stand-up collar. Oleksiejczuk, however, quite quickly began to set up a rival with straight blows. Akhmedov felt a few of them and fled to wrestling. The player of the Wilanów Combat Sports Academy worked well in defense. At the end of the round, he tore the clinch tore, defended the takedown, and ended up on top.

It’s time for the first championship fight at FEN 37. Oleksiejczuk vs Akhmedov – the first gong soon!

We invite you to a shortcut of the clash Zieliński – Soul.

This is the shortcut of the Bielski-Kuberski fight.

The judges unanimously chose Adrian Zieliński as the winner! A great performance from Olsztyn in a new weight category!

A great performance by Adrian Zieliński! The competitor from Olsztyn was merciless in a stand-up for Soul. Zieliński worked effectively with punches and kicks, constantly putting pressure on his rival. The verdict should be a formality!

Szymon Dusza has already crossed the threshold of the FEN cage. Adrian Zieliński will enter the arena in a moment. Welterweight category!

Mariusz Joniak showed such a knockout.

In an interview after the fight, Kuberski said that he was struggling with an injury and illness before the fight. Nevertheless, he came out and showed himself from a great side!

Piotr Kuberski achieved a unanimous victory! (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

It was a bloody three-round war! They both had their good moments in this fight, but there can only be one winner. Who will be? The judges will decide about it!

Piotr Kuberski is already waiting in a cage for Krystian Bielski. It looks like another great showdown at FEN 37!

This was the opening of the gala.

Mariusz Joniak confirmed his great potential! We look forward to his next performances!

Joniak’s mighty right hook deprived the Czech of balance and awareness. Lightning-fast and heavy KO!

Another heavy knockout at this gala! Joniak brutally knocked out Chotenovsky!

Chotenovsky – Joniak. Time for a Czech-Polish match!

This was the clash between Nalepka and Gujwan.

The opening ceremony of the FEN 37: ENERGA Fight Night Wrocław gala is underway.

Thus, Zgela knocked out Kowalski.

Barbara Nalepka is the winner! The judges were unanimous (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

This time the fight lasted three full rounds. The scoring judges will decide on the result!

Most likely, the size of the gloves did not match. Nevertheless, both players are already in the cage. The beginning is in a moment!

The exit to Barbara Nalepka’s cage is extended. Well, the contestant probably wore the wrong gloves. The trainer is just putting on her new ones.

And ahead of us is a K-1 duel between Hanna Gujwan and Barbara Nalepka!

We invite you to the shortcut of the opening fight.

After several exchanges in a stand-up, the Croatian hit Kowalski’s jaw with the powerful left. The player from Olsztyn fell to the mat. On the ground floor, Zgela completed the work of destruction. A very heavy knockout!

Surprise! Mario Zgela knocked out Adam Kowalski hard!

We are not slowing down. It’s time for the second match of the gala. Kowalski vs Zgela – it’s in a moment!

The fight was fought at a high pace, considering the conditions of the light heavyweight category. When the clash hit the ground floor, Olech was hunting for surrender. In the second round, he fastened the triangle with his legs, which he forced Total to tap. Strong opening of the gala!

End! Łukasz Olech won by submission in the second round!

The first gong! FEN 37 Launches!

While waiting for the first duel, we invite you to the announcement of the next gala.

It’s time for the first start of the gala! Łukasz Olech will play against Paweł Pełski on a semi-pro basis.

The fight card includes ten fights – eight in the MMA formula (including one on a semi-pro basis) and two in K-1. At the gala we will see four championship fights!

Good evening! It’s time for the FEN 37 gala. We invite you to follow the live coverage!

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