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In the third qualifying round of the UEFA European Conference League, Fenerbahçe faced Slovenian team Maribor on the road.

While the fight continued with Fenerbahçe’s 1–0 superiority, fighting broke out between supporters of both teams and the match was halted. The match stopped for 32 minutes and started again.

About 20 minutes after the events, an announcement was made for Fenerbahçe fans to vacate the stands. Although the yellow-navy blue football fans reacted to the decision at first, they later left the stands.

UEFA fined Fenerbahçe for not taking spectators to an away match and 30 thousand euros due to events in Maribor.

What happened?

In the 66th minute of the match, a fan jumped from the Maribor tribune towards the Fenerbahçe stand and wanted to tear down the banner unfurled by the yellow-navy blue men. Then things happened.

It was observed that Fenerbahçe football players, especially Dušan Tadic, reached behind the goal and tried to pacify the fans.

Fenerbahçe published a statement

statement of Fenerbahçe; “This is our statement regarding the serious tribune incidents that occurred in our team’s match against Maribor in the third qualifying round rematch of the UEFA Europa Conference League.

In the match played by our team, although there was no problem in the stands, there were incidents which we certainly will not accept when supporters of the opposing team barged into our fans and attacked the banners in the stands and Banner removed. standing.

The intervention of the police teams in the stadium was not enough for the Slovenian fans who carried out the incident.
Our fans, who were in the stands to support Fenerbahçe and showed their reaction to withdraw the banner were removed from the stands, and all of our stands were unfairly ejected from the stadium.

The information that has reached our club is that when our fans were evicted from the stadium, the police showed a cross-border attitude towards them.

He wishes a speedy recovery to our fans, who did not leave Fenerbahçe alone in the stands and showed the stand as it should be;

We present to the public that we will follow the entire process in UEFA regarding this serious incident caused by Maribor supporters.

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