Fenerbahçe Petrol Officiate 3-2 Besiktas JK United Payment

Monday, November 20, 2023 20:56

Our Fenerbahçe Petrol Ofisi women’s football team hosted Besiktas JK United Payments women’s football team in the match of the 11th week of the Turkcell Women’s Football Super League. Fenerbahçe won the match with a score of 3-2, which was played at Alkar Stadium Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoglu Sports Complex, which hosted the match of our women’s football team for the first time. The goals that brought victory to our team: It came from Yasem Goksu in the 42nd minute, from 45+2 and from Yagmur Uraz in the 80th minute.

Our team got its 9th win in the league and its points increased to 27.

Our General Secretary Burak Cağlan Kızılhan, our board members Mustafa Kemal Danabas and Shimla Türker Bayazıt, and our football A team captain, Mert Hakan Yandas also followed the match.

our players are on the field ‘Live long children! Happy World Child Rights Day’ He came out with his banner.

Before the match, a minute’s silence was observed for Suat Tastan, administrative manager of Besiktas Football Academy and former football player, who passed away recently.

Our team started the match with the following starting 11:
Goknur Gülerüz, Ileda Sivelek, Nina Khapo, Gulbin Hiz, Yasem Goksu, Esem Qümmert, Fatma Kara Sahinbaş, Olga Sevkova, Janetha Coleman, Büsem Seker, Yagmur Uraz.

Minutes of the match:

Our team came very close to scoring with Olga Sevkova in the fourth minute. Taking the ball from the right wing, Coleman saw Olga heading towards the penalty area. He touched the ball and sent it across the line into the defensive corner at the last moment.
Fenerbahce once again came close to scoring in the eighth minute. After the pass from captain Fatma, Yagmur Uraz got the ball in the penalty area and the ball hit the goal post and went out.
Besiktas scored from a set piece in the 17th minute. Esra Manya, who received the ball in the penalty area after a free kick, sent the ball into our net.
Fenerbahçe’s Petrol Ofisi came close to scoring in the 37th minute. Nina was the only one to reach the ball in the penalty area after Olga Tschova took a corner kick. After his header, goalkeeper Mariam Yekatei took control of the ball in two moves.
The man who came closest to scoring on our team this time was Yagmur Uraz in the 39th minute. Once again, it was Yagmur who stood up to defend Olga’s cross from the right wing. A final intervention from the defense took the ball into the corner.
Fenerbahçe equalized the score in the 42nd minute. After winning a free kick, Olga’s shot went into the penalty area and Yassam, who rose to the top, sent the ball into the far corner and hit the net.
45+2. Our Fenerbahçe Petrol Ofisi women’s football team scored the second goal in minutes. Yagmur Uraz, who intervened at the first post after Esem Kummert took the ball from the right wing, sent the ball into the penalty area, scored the second goal of our team with a smart shot.
Fenerbahçe came close to scoring the third goal with Busem Seker in the 58th minute. It was Busem Seker who headed Yagmur Uraz’s cross into the penalty area from the right wing. His shot narrowly missed.
In the 80th minute our team had two different chances. Ileida Sivelek, who advanced from the left wing after Cansu’s pass, passed the ball to the opponent’s half, winning the ball. Yagmur Uraz, who sent the ball into the penalty area with a stylish shot, scored his second goal and our team’s third.
In the 83rd minute Besiktas came to our goal with Vivian. Yesica Rodriguez intervened in our defense and cleared the danger before sending the ball into our penalty area from the right wing depending on the direction of the attack.
90+6. Besiktas scored the second goal a minute later with Donjeta Halilaj.

Our Fenerbahçe Petrol Officio women’s football team won the match 3-2.

Our Fenerbahçe will be the guest of Amed Sportiveactivities on Saturday, November 25 in the 12th week of the Turkcell Women’s Football Super League. The match, which will be played on Diyarbakir Seyrantepe Turf Field No. 2, will start at 13.00 and will be broadcast on Fenerbahçe TV.

We hosted the Social, Sports and Cultural Activities Unit of Istanbul Provincial Family and Social Services Directorate and their guests.

Our club hosted special guests in the match played by Petrol Ofisi women’s football team against Besiktas United Payments. As a result of the initiative of the Social, Sports and Cultural Activity Unit of the Istanbul Provincial Family and Social Services Directorate, a group of a total of 45 people, including children under care and protection in institutions across Istanbul and their accompanying teachers, took their place in our stand Got it. The guests shared their enthusiasm and clapped and enjoyed the thrill of the match.

stadium:Ulkar Stadium Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoglu Sports Complex

Ref: Esen Albayrak, Turker Ozer, Mert Altan Cakir

Fenerbahçe Petrol Office: Goknur Gülerüz, Esem Kumert, Ilaida Civelek, Kapaho, Gulbin Hij, Sevkova (min. 68 Kansu Kara), Coleman, Fatma Kara (min. 79 Kansu Gürel), Yasem Goksu (min. 46 Berg), Busem Seker, Yagmur Uraz (min. 85 Steer )

Besiktas JK United Payment: Yektei, Sema Polat (min. 73 Seda Nur Insik), Maia, Ogbonna, Didem Karaganek, Gizem Gonulatas (min. 46 matches), Esra Manya (min. 90 Basak Gundogdu), Halilaj, Elif Keskin, Ikechukwu, Tucumbukte (min. 82 Rodriguez)

Target: the minimum. 17 Esra Manya, Min. 90+5 Halilaj (Besiktas JK United Payment), Min. 42 Life Goksu, Min. 45+2 and 79 Yagmur Uraz (Fenerbahce Petrol Ofici)

Yellow Card: the minimum. 61 Berg, Min. 90+5 Esem Cumert (Fenerbahce Petrol Ofici), min. 88 Halilaj (Besiktas JK United Payment)

Photos: Burak Saltyk

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