Fenie Energia celebrates its sales convention highlighting the figure of the energy agent

He Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Córdoba Held on 26 and 27 April VIII Feni Energy Sales Conventiona meeting that was attended by 400 energetic agents from all over Spain and included APIECO (Professional Association of Industrial Electricians and Telecommunications of Córdoba and Province as professional and associate unit).

As the leading independent marketer in Spain, the consolidated company has valued the figures of energetic agent Given the difficult landscape the power sector is experiencing, in which Feni Energy is maintaining, The power of the large operators of the power oligopoly has been strengthened.Which contributes to the decline of free competition and lack of protection for the end consumers.

If this condition persists over time, it may Decreased quality of services provided by large operators of power monopoly, as well as more control over the market and in further price rise,

During this convention, feni energy He also wanted to recall one of the most pressing problems affecting the region: Unreasonable violation of Royal Decree-Law 17/2021, which provides that 25% of energy derived from cheaper technologies such as nuclear or renewable energy must be offered to the wholesale market. This situation, which is the responsibility of the Ministry of Ecological Transition of Teresa Ribera, harms operators so much that they favor free competition in the power sectorwho can’t use that energy to offer better prices, as an end consumerThose who are facing high electricity prices.

Given this complex context, the data of energetic agents is becoming increasingly important. They are efficiency experts who play a fundamental role in guiding and advising their clients., Thanks to them, Feni Energy customers receive a close, transparent and professional service, which helps them to be more efficient and responsible electricity consumers.

formation activities

As in previous versions, sales conference constitutes an essential starting point, because are taught Workshops supplement the static training received by Energetic Agentson topics that arouse the most interest at any given time, such as self-consumption, the energy market and its regulatory status, mobility, occupational risk prevention and product and value design, among others.

Additionally, the purpose of the event is promoting collective unity, promoting community relations And Strengthen community support networks between the Company, Energy Agents and the respective Provincial Associations to which they belong.

During the two days that the convention was held, various plenary sessions took place, giving institutional representatives and the company itself the opportunity to share a few words with all attendees. In particular, at the reception he interfered Antonio Diaz, President of the Cordoba Business Confederation (CECO)Who stressed the importance of giving importance to the figures and work of businessmen: “Let us give importance to all entrepreneurs like you who are the creators of jobs and wealth, at a time when they are being unfairly maligned.”

be present on their behalf during the closing session Augustin Lopez Ortiz, Regional representative of the Junta de Andalucía de EconomíaTreasury and the European Fund and Industrial Policy and Energy, and Miguel Angel Gomez, feni presidentNational Association of Electrical Installations, Telecommunications and Air Conditioning Companies of Spain.

In the said Act, jam fornes, President of Feni Energyrevealed that “in these two days we have demonstrated the positivity and morale of Feni Energy. Everyone attending the conference has highlighted the willingness to work together. Let’s look to the future with optimism.”

Paula Roman, CEO of the company, pointed out that “we have to build the future together and keep working. The genes of our company may be within each one of us”.

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