Fernando Rojas and Kenelma Carvajal sacked as deputy culture ministers

Fernando Rojas, Vice Minister of Culture of Cuba and Kenelma Carvajal Perez They were removed from their posts on Monday, January 8, and two women have been appointed to replace them.

According to a note published by the ministry on its social networks, Lisatte Martinez Luzardoformerly Director-General of Cultural Policy, Lilizzi Hernandez OlivaThe current Chairman of the State Council for the Performing Arts will be the official designated to serve in these positions.

They explained that the decision “responds to the state’s policy of gradually renewing leadership at all levels and in practice recognizes the revolution’s confidence in young people.”

“From now on, Fernando Rojas will continue as adviser to the Minister of Culture and Kenelma Carvajal will receive a new assignment from the party’s Central Committee,” the statement added.

Facebook/Cuban Ministry of Culture

Fernando Rojas’s replacement came three years later. Cubans call for his resignation on social networksTogether with the Minister of Culture, Alpidio Alonsoafter officials of the agency reacted violently to young people protesting peacefully in front of the Ministry of Interior headquarters in Havana, which was called 27-N.

That day Both leaders showed their most disgusting faces Refusing to talk to young people and trying to kick them out of the place.

Regarding the appointment of a new deputy minister by the regime, journalist José Raul Gallego warned that Martinez Luzardo “has a history of repression, serving those who promote her today.”

Facebook/Cuban Ministry of Culture

Gallego explained that this official was one of those who participated in the repression of young artists on January 27, 2021, even voluntarily, along with the current president of the Cuban Association of Cinematic Arts and Industry Alexis Trianaand Humberto Lopez, who lied on national television and justified the day’s crackdown.

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