Ferragosto weather. Thunderstorms arriving in the North and on part of the Center, the areas at risk «3B Meteo

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Ferragosto weather, new thunderstorms are coming

IMPULSES OF INSTABILITY REACH CENTRAL-NORTH ITALY. An Atlantic rift is taking over northwestern Europe and piloting a series of instability impulses that flow from west to east over the central areas of the continent, also involving part of Italy. They are the central and northern regions most exposed to this type of circulation, where by the afternoon of today an increase in the cloudiness from which they will arise is expected scattered showers and even some thunderstorms. The southern regions, on the other hand, will remain protected by the anticyclone present in the Mediterranean latitudes.

FERRAGOSTO WEATHER. Variability from the morning in the central-eastern Alps and Levante Ligure with some showers on the Dolomite sector. Irregular clouds at the start of the day in Sardinia with some rain until the afternoon. Initially sunnier than the rest of Italy, except for some thickening on the central-northern Tyrrhenian coasts. During the day, instability in the Alps increases with showers and thunderstorms scattered more frequently in those of northern Piedmont, Lombardy, Trentino, Alto Adige and upper Veneto, in the evening trespassing to the upper Po Valley and locally to Emilia Romagna. In the evening, openings will make their way to the Northwest. Rains and some thunderstorms from the afternoon also on lower Tuscany, upper Lazio and Umbria, tending to become intense in inland areas and to cross over to the Marche and locally to Abruzzo. In the southern regions more stable and sunny conditions are expected, albeit with the passage of some veils. Temperatures rising in the South. Moderate winds from the northwest, from the south-southeast on the northwestern basins. For the evolution until Thursday 18 August Click here.

Ferragosto weather
Ferragosto weather

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