“Ferrari” featured at the Venice Film Festival

The highly anticipated feature film “Ferrari” directed by Michael Mann premiered at the Venice International Film Festival.

The eightieth edition of the prestigious Venice International Film Festival saw the biopic dedicated to the legendary Commendatore projected on the big screen for the first time on August 31.

We are curious to read the reviews of this big-budget Hollywood production which recounts a dramatic period in the history of Ferrari, that of the summer of 1957.

The loss of his son Dino makes Enzo Ferrari melancholic and the health of his business falters while his marriage is in trouble.

He is counting on the famous Mille Miglia to restore his image, but the terrible accident of Alfonso de Portago on a Ferrari will cause many victims and cause the hasty end of the road event.

http://FERRARI Trailer (2023) Adam Driver, Michael Mann – YouTube

Adam Driver plays Enzo Ferrari on screen with Penelope Cruz as his wife Laura and Shailene Woodley as his mistress Lina Lardi, Piero Lardi Ferrari’s mother.

Jack O’Connell and Patrick Dempsey are also part of the cast, respectively in the roles of Peter Collins and Piero Taruffi, pillars of the Scuderia at the time.

The film should be broadcast on the Amazon Prime Videos streaming platform in France before the end of the year as well as on pay channels, or even in theaters if it is successful.

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