Ferrari SF90 Stradale challenges Rimac Nevera: crazy race, one “shreds” the other

A Ferrari SF90 Stradale and a Rimac Nevera challenged each other in a quarter mile acceleration race. The video of the drag race.

Drag race with a high adrenaline content, the one seen as one of the protagonists Ferrari SF90 Stradale it’s a Rimac Nevera. The first is a hybrid-powered car that inherits the long tradition in motorsport of the Maranello-based company, reaffirmed by the name – the same as that of the 2019 Formula 1 single-seater – which underlines the close link between racing and road cars.

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Quite different, however, is the discourse relating to the electric super sports car of the Croatian brand, which a few years after its foundation has established itself as one of the most valid manufacturers in the field. So much so that the same company will accompany Bugatti in the transition to the new generation of zero-emission hypercars.

In short, a comparison between these two cars seems almost like a challenge between “old” against “new”, with one very different from the other. The only common denominator, however, is the speed, unquestionably high for both.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale against Rimac Nevera: the video of the challenge

Ferrari SF90 Stradale
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There SF90 Streetin particular, it is equipped with a hybrid power train consisting of a 4-liter V8 combined with an electric propulsion system which together produce 1,000 hp of power and 800 Nm of couple. The performancetherefore, they are of absolute level: acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds, from 0 to 200 in 6.7 seconds e full speed of 340 km / h. In addition, the same model of the Rossa presents a series of technologies derived directly from the world of the top car series, where the Prancing Horse brand has written important pages of history.

On the other hand, there is instead the Nevera that on this occasion, judging from the data provided by the manufacturer, could seriously annihilate the opponent. In detail, the Croatian supercar features a motor fully electric with 1,914 hp and over 2,000 Nm of torque. These values ​​are much higher than those of the SF90 and therefore allow it a top speed of 412 km / h. To underline his talents there is then the data on the shot: from 0 to 100 in less than 2 seconds.

In short, there are all the conditions to witness an exciting challenge. Therefore, all that remains is to look at the drag race video offered by the Youtube channel of CarWow.

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