“Ferrieri Caputi? It will be contested. Now we will lose it for a while”

“Speaking too much about Maria Sole’s refereeing (Ferrieri Caputi ed) risks putting too much pressure on her which, at the moment, is useless: she did well, as I hope other guys who we will try in Serie A do well, because they have quality and they showed on the pitch, in Serie B., that they deserve the top flight. The more we talk about it, the more we don’t do them good.. For a month or so we will lose Maria Sole, and this we are very sorry, because tomorrow she will leave for Libya, where she will referee in an Under 17 tournament. Greater respect and education on the pitch when a woman ‘whistles’? If this were the solution, on Sunday I would send 10 women on the field to referee, so we would have calmer players and coaches who do not protest. I’m afraid that even Maria Sole, after the first two or three games, will be challenged and surrounded like the others “. She stated it Gianluca Rocchi at RadioRai.

Ferrieri Caputi in history: first match refereed in Serie A

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Ferrieri Caputi in history: first match refereed in Serie A

Rocchi’s words

The referee designator for the Serie A and B leagues explained: “The Hague is doing a positive job on recruiting and the idea of ​​proceeding with the double membership is brilliant, because we are recruiting many boys who, while playing football, come to referee. For us they have a double purpose: first of all we create culture in amateur clubs, and also we take children who know football because, let’s not forget, refereeing is knowledge of football. My son plays football here in Florence, in a Giovanissimi team, I see several kids who have taken this path. The crisis of vocation exists and is at a European level, not only in Italy: we have lost many referees due to a problem of stimuli. Today being a referee is not as stimulating as it used to be, the problem is general. The fact that Maria Sole gives us the possibility to recruit so many girls, at the moment we have 1,700 in The Hague, is important for us “.

Rocchi and the controversies in Empoli-Milan

Then, Rocchi focused on one of the most discussed episodes of the last round of the championship: the Throw-in by Tonali for Rebic’s goal in Empoli-Milan. “We had to be more careful: it’s the only flaw of an optimal day, I say this with pride. There were very high level refereeing performances, including Aureliano’s in Empoli which, apart from this episode – which had to be done better – was optimal. I am happy that the referees are working in unison, in the same direction, we are approaching Europe with technical referee numbers, this is our goal. The ‘rigorini’? Those of Lecce were two clear penalties, granted without the help of the Var, the only penalty that was not to be given was that of Genoa: in this the Var was very good to remove it. Other women referees in the future? I don’t have any in my group of A and B, there are two very good assistants, one of whom has already been seen in A. Maybe they are working on it in Serie C, but that is not part of my duties. If there are possibilities in the future, they are welcome. We welcome technological innovations with open arms, the FIGC must give us the semi-automatic offside. What can improve quality, and simplify the work of referees, is well received. Coaches protesting too much? Paradoxically, I prefer one who loses his temper a little in the field, and then realizes the seriousness of his behavior in interviews, to one who behaves in the opposite way “.

Rocchi: "Ferrieri Caputi?  He deserved it"

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Rocchi: “Ferrieri Caputi? He deserved it”

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