Ferrieri Caputi talks about the life of a female referee: “The sacrifices must be weighed compared to some sacrifices that a man must not make”

The debut was “beautiful”, after years of difficulties and sacrifices: Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi two days after the debut in A league as the first female referee is told in an interview with Corriere dello Sport: “I still haven’t had a chance to stop, all too fast. I wish I had a moment for myself to live it all, in serenity“.

Ferrieri Caputi recounted the difficulties he encountered: “Nelle categories regional, for aspects not only character but also physical, on which I worked. At the beginning I didn’t run like now, I worked on it. In Santa Croce sull’Arno, in Promotion, I was planted on a long cast. I told myself, that and other times, that I would stop. In Serie D, after some poor performance or vision ”.

A long journey that involved some waivers: “All ‘Erasmus, although many have managed to do both. Not me, my limit. I thought that for a referee, losing a sporting season could mean a lot. Although I think it is a very formative experience. But It’s not allbecause the waivers I am continue“, Added Ferrieri Caputi referring to the“ difficulties of one maternity, and I say it in a healthy way, because right now I don’t think about it. In a future, I’d like to, now maybe I’m not ready, it’s not a burden. But often we are faced with a choicenot imposed by someone, but being sports, we tend to postpone family And sons. On this too we could take a step forward ”.

“We are confronted with colleagues – added Ferrieri Caputi – it is however a topic we face every day. THE our sacrifices they must also be weighed with respect to some renunciations, or choices, which men do not have to do. Many colleagues have planned pregnancy in a year where they were not there Europeans And World Cup. We lose the naturalness of something that is natural, it is still an extra thought, familiar on one side and sporty on the other ”.

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