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The five mayors of the island of Ischia and the extraordinary commissioner of Casamicciola Terme have addressed a note to the president of the Regional Transport Commission Luca Cascone and to the competent offices of Palazzo Santa Lucia concerning “Request for meeting to discuss maritime transport problems”. In the text, the first citizens “are to request a meeting aimed at discussing the problem indicated below, relating to maritime transport to the mainland, highlighted among other things by some island entrepreneurs. In particular, it was noted that – starting from 01/11/2022 – there was the suppression of as many as four ferry-ship departures on the Ischia-Naples section and as many on the reverse section. As far as we have been able to learn, the suppressions are related to the fact that, while previously the authorizations issued were annual in nature, following the pandemic they were semi-annual in nature and have still remained so today, despite the return to normality, both as far as with regard to travel than with regard to the commercial volume. The reduction in the number of journeys causes serious inconvenience for the supply of goods and for the movements of residents (think, for example, of commuters and those who are forced to go to the mainland for medical visits) and tourists, considering that time we are trying to de-seasonalize tourist flows”.

Luke Cascone

The first citizens conclude and continue: “Among other things, it is hardly necessary to point out that, in the event of prohibitive weather and sea conditions, often – with the abolition of hydrofoil trips – the ship-ferry is the only way to ensure territorial continuity between the island and the mainland. In light of the foregoing, a meeting is therefore requested to discuss the problem highlighted and possible solutions, such as, for example, that of restoring the annual character of the authorisations. Trusting in a positive response, the writers send Best regards”.

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