Ferroviário-CE defeats Ferroviária-SP to become two-time champions of Series D

Ferroviario has won the Brasileira Run Series D twice. This Saturday afternoon (9/16), the Presidente Vargas in Fortaleza hosted Ferroviaria de Araraquara-SP in the return leg of the final. They won 2-1, and since there was a draw (0-0) in the first leg, they went on to win the cup with an undefeated record (15 wins, 9 draws).

Veteran Ciel, 41, was the star of this game. He put in a great performance, scoring the second goal that clinched the title, pasting Deisinho’s goal. Ferroviaria scored with a great goal from Vitor Barretto. The Ball Gypsies (Fluminense, Santa Cruz, Ceará and several foreign clubs) were applauded when he was substituted late in the match. Phelan celebrates their second cup competition in the fourth division, having won in 2018.

Ferrobiario (white) and Ferrobiaria had a busy match. After all, the people of Ceará were the champions –

Ferrobiario (white) and Ferrobiaria had a busy match. After all, the people of Ceará were the champions –

Photo: Renilson Santos/FAC/Jogada10

Who will rise and who will fall?

Ferroviário and Ferroviária both guaranteed access to series C-2-024. Athletic-MG and Caxias-RS, who advanced to the semi-finals of Division 4, will also advance to Division 3. The quartet will replace the relegated teams Manaus-AM, Altos-PI, América-RN and Pouso Arquegre-MG.

Ciel brings the railroad worker to the front.

Ferroviario delighted fans from the first moments. Veteran Ciel received a shot from the right and sped up to shoot. Defense was easy for Saul. However, he beat the goalkeeper and the rest went back to Ciel, who passed to Deisinho to make it 1-0. Ferroviario continued to dominate the match.

Ferroviaria scores a draw with a great goal

However, after a technical stop for hydration, Ferroviaria improved and almost scored while taking a shower (the ball hit the post and the goalkeeper made a save as it went into the net, and Vitor Barretto) When he received the ball, the score was tied at 38), he adjusted in the left area and covered the ball.

At the end of the first half, Ferroviario had two great chances. Ciel’s finish and Alisson’s header forced a great save from goalkeeper Alisson.

In the second half, Deisinho, who made a sacrifice appearance after being confused, was sent off and Kadou Barone was brought on. Then, in the 6th minute, Kadu put in a cross to block Ciel’s approach, and Ciel scored the first goal to make it 2-1. The match went very well, Ferroviaria almost extended the counter-attack (Ciel missed a golden chance and Kadou Barone isolated his shot unbelievably), and Ferroviaria He regretted the foul on Cantarelli, who hit the post.

Series D all champions

2009 – San Raimundo – Pennsylvania

2010 – CE Guaranteed

2011 – Tupi-MG

2012 – Sampaio Correa-MA

2013 – Botafogo vs PB

2014 – Tombense-MG

2015 – Botafogo-SP

201 – Volta Redonda – RJ

2017 – Operario-PR

2018 – Railway – CE

2019 – Brusque – South Carolina

2020 – Mirasol – SP

2021 – Apparésidence GO

2022 – America-RN

2023 – Ferroviario-CE

Ferroviaria-CE 2X1 Ferroviaria-SP

D-2023 Series Final – Return Game

date: September 16, 2023

local: Presidente Vargas Stadium, Fortaleza (CE)

railway: Igor Rayan; Wesley, Alisson, Eder Lima, Matheus Silva (Geninho, 38 minutes/2nd quarter), Lincoln, Cesar Sampaio, Tarcisio (Bryan, 19 minutes/2nd quarter), Deisinho (Cadu) – Barone, interval), Gabriel Martins (Chiaginho, 26’/2nd quarter) and Ciel (Abner, 38’/2°T). engineer: Paulinho Kobayashi

railway: Sole. Lucas Rodriguez, Ronaldo Alves (Judah, 38 minutes/2nd quarter), Gustavo Medina, Vitor (Batista, 25 minutes/2nd quarter). Pablo Gabriel, Paulinho Santos (Felipinho, 16 minutes/2nd quarter), Tomas (Pedro Paulo, 38 minutes), Antonio (Cantarelli, 25 minutes/2nd quarter), Vitor Barreto, Pilar. engineer: Alexandre Lopez

the goal: Deisinho, 1’/1°T (1-0); Vitor Barreto, 38 minutes/1st T (1-1). Ciel, 6 minutes/2T (2-1)

arbitration: Leandro Vaden (FIFA-RS)

assistant: Jorge Eduardo Bernardi, Michael Stanislaw (RS)

VAR: Rodolfo Toschi Marquez (PR)

yellow card: Cesar Sampaio (FER-CE); Pilar (FER-SP)

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