“Fertilizer ignorance for the right” – Libero Quotidiano

He did not miss an opportunity to attack Giorgia Meloni. Also Makkoxthe cartoonist of Sheet and of Live Propagnda, joins the party of hatred against Giorgia Meloni. And he does it with a short interview on Repubblica in which he unloads all his hatred on the leader of the Brothers of Italy. He strong words that will certainly make people discuss. When asked about a “Meloni traveling with headlights off”, the cartoonist replies dryly: “But she is already thinking about where to have the party”. But the actual lunge comes soon after. “Will the right win?” They ask him. Here the answer becomes harder and the reservoirs of hatred typical of the left open: “It seems peaceful to me, this is what the country wants. We are a people of ignorant people, and ignorance is fertilizer for the right”.

Left?  Only armchairs and immigrants: Libero makes Meloni enjoy, look at this photo |  Look

In short, the refrain on the right of “monsters” that has irritated and not a little Giorgia Meloni back in Makkox’s words. The usual red reasoning with the alleged superiority of the left. But don’t stop here. For Makkox, the victory of the right would be bad for Italy: “Cynically, I think I will have more fun. It is difficult to satire with the boring ones. We will work like crazy, I already feel it. For Italy, however, there is little to laugh about. “. He also has some for Salvini: “Once he said that all of Africa does not fit in Italy. But all of Africa, if we calculated one square meter per inhabitant, would barely fill the province of Como. But I fear it will start again with the propaganda of the invasion”.

Melons?  Other than pesciarola: how does Renzi speak English |  Video

In short, wanting to defend borders apparently remains a fault for left-wing intellectuals. Finally, he agrees to a vast alliance ranging from Action to the Communists through the Democratic Party: “If it’s us against them, there must also be the left. Everyone is needed”.

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