Ferzan Ozpetek and the cast present the series coming to Disney +

The 8 episodes of the romantic drama inspired by the film of the same name arrive in streaming on April 13: this is what the director and the protagonists told us and what we should expect from Le Fate ignoranti, the first Italian original Disney series.

The April 13 exclusively on Star within Disney + The Ignorant Fairiesthe series based on the film of the same name by Ferzan Ozpetek became a real cult in the early 2000s. The director and the cast presented it to the public and the press in an atmosphere of great familiarity and lightheartedness and with a very enthusiastic Ozpetek who did the honors as always in flawless way. Composed by 8 episodesall immediately available next Wednesday, The Ignorant Fairies is the first Italian Disney + original series and is produced by Tilde Corsi for R&C Produzioni, created by Gianni Romoli and Ferzan Ozpetek and directed by him together with Gianluca Mazzella, his long-time collaborator who started his career on the set of the 2001 film. Ozpetek is also a screenwriter together with Carlotta Corradi and Massimo Bacchini. Here is what we should expect, 20 years later, from a series that re-proposes the touching story of Antonia and Michele in a contemporary key, with two opposite lives and two souls that are rediscovered similar, here interpreted by Cristiana Capotondi And Eduardo Scarpetta.

The idea of ​​a series on The Ignorant Fairies

Ferzan Ozpetek explained that he had “succumbed” to the requests of the producer Tilde Corsi who for years asked him to do this series together with Alessandro Saba of Fox and then of Disney. The starting idea, the director said, is the same as the film: “Two different worlds, apparently irreconcilable, two people who could not be together who collide”. But a lot has since changed since the starting scripts. “I wanted to add something. For example, I wanted Massimo’s accident (Luca Argenterowho was not present at the press conference ed.) took place in central Rome, near the Colosseum. But from the municipality of Rome they didn’t want anyone to die there, so I called and reassured them that he would get up anyway. I wanted to play a while. Furthermore, at the beginning Michele had to be a tire dealer, then I suddenly decided to change his job and make him one who paints the sets of the Opera House “.

The Ignorant Fairies

The changes from the film and the support of Disney

The series starts from the same premises as the film: when Massimo (Argentero), the husband of Antonia (Capotondi), is killed in an accident, the woman discovers that her husband was having an affair with a young man, Michele (Scarpetta). Investigating, she comes across a diverse group of friends, a real extended family, with whom she ends up making an unexpected friendship. The main nucleus of the film has been kept but the story has been updated and reinterpreted, “like when you remake a great classic in the theater,” said screenwriter Gianni Romoli. In addition, a real prequel story was built that allows us to get to know the relationship of Michele and Massimo up close,

The Ignorant Fairies

Ozpetek, on the other hand, pointed out that there has been a lot of collaboration and support from Disney who have always indulged his head shots and, at the same time, gave him excellent advice. “I am like that, one who improvises, changes things on the run. From Disney I felt confidence, they also made me understand that the series would be released all over the world and that it was for a wide audience, even for those who hadn’t seen the film. “Of course, serializing a story that was contained in just two hours of film allowed us to develop even better the secondary characters who are real co-stars here and not a simple “choir”. If in the film “the point of view was unique, that is that of a bourgeois woman, here more points of view are adopted”, according to Romoli.

The Ignorant Fairies

To change, compared to 2001, was first of all the world itself. “When I made the film a lot of things were different. There was a greater sense of openness to the world, it was before the Twin Towers. Now there is more closure towards many things. Only the new generations have a more open mentality “, observed the director. Romoli also agrees:” In the early 2000s people were ready to welcome diversity. The audience could identify with the protagonist. After twenty years, history is no longer the story of a woman but that of a group. Twenty years later there is much more closure, a kind of oppression. The group becomes almost a resistance group, an outpost“.

The choice of actors, the characters of Antonia and Michele and the others

As it is in the style of Ferzan Ozpetek, the director also wanted to adapt his characters according to the performers he chose. “I think it’s not the actor who has to get into the character but the character who has to become an actor,” she said. And in fact, the character of Antonia, in this series, is smarter and less angelic than the Antonia that we have seen with the face of Margherita Buy. “She is in some ways more naughty. I also brought elements of my temperament into the character. But I also sent a message to Margherita because she is a reference in our profession. I felt the pleasure of taking the baton from her a little.” Eduardo Scarpetta has chosen and directly wanted Ferzan Ozpetek: “I felt it gave me something more interesting. Everyone thought I chose another, and instead I chose him which is completely crazy. “Between Ozpetek and Scarpetta there was immediately great harmony.” It was nice the flexibility of Ferzan and Disney that allowed us to change during the work, “said Scarpetta.

The Ignorant Fairies

A novelty are the characters of Ambra Angiolini And Anna FerzettiAnnamaria and Roberta, created especially for the series. At first it was supposed to be a heterosexual couple but then Ozpetek wanted to stage the love and relationship of two women. “After many years of militancy at the Mario Mieli association, I finally put it into practice”, joked Ambra Angiolini. Ferzetti also plays a very different woman from the roles that usually entrust her. “I usually play maternal characters, but Roberta is much more concrete. Being a new character, I didn’t feel the anxiety of the comparison,” said the actress (Ozpetek joked that he received a call from her husband, Pierfrancesco Favino, who would have said to him: “But what have you done to my wife?”). A character that has been revived and expanded, however, is that of Antonia’s mother, Veronica, played by Carla Signoris. “Veronica seems bigoted, but she will go down a path and things will happen that will reveal a very different aspect of her,” assured Signoris, whom she could not spoil too much. And what about Yilmaz greenhouse who has taken over the iconic role of the “administrator” of the building? “For me it was very moving to come back. I was afraid to retouch such a beloved film, but I wanted to trust Ferzan who always pushes me to do something surprising and new.”

The soundtrack of Mina

The series is embellished with a soundtrack that very cleverly recreates the atmosphere of the film (from music with Turkish sounds to the unforgettable Love cocktail sung by Luisella (Paola Minaccioni). But it is above all to remain impressed Throw away the love, an unreleased song by Mina that the singer herself wanted to “give” to the director. “I have a wonderful relationship with her. She gave me the song and in return I made the video clip. It always moves me a lot,” said Ferzan Ozpetek of Mina.

The appointment with the 8 episodes of The Ignorant Fairies is for Wednesday April 13 exclusively on Star within Disney +.

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