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Few cases, no deaths - Japan has won over the coronavirus.  You won't guess how!
Author: AP
Japan has won with the coronavirus

Last Monday (November 22), only 6 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in Tokyo, with a population of 40 million. Last Friday, in turn, was Japan’s first day in more than a year without any deaths from Covid-19. As the next wave of the pandemic is accelerating faster and faster around the world, Japan seems to have passed it. How is this possible?

The surprising results of a study by Japan’s National Institute of Genetics explain this. According to the Polish Press Agency, they suggest that Delta, considered to be an extremely contagious and dangerous variant of the coronavirus, destroyed itself after a few mutations. Prof. Ituro Inoue, an expert in genetics, explained that the Delta variant accumulated too many mutations in the coronavirus error-correcting protein nsp14 and thus led to self-destruction. It is thanks to this that the number of cases in Japan began to drop sharply in November. At the moment, a country of 125 million has one of the lowest infection rates in the developed world.

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Indeed, the improvement in the situation in Japan is visible to the naked eye: there have been fewer than 200 cases of infections in recent weeks, and last Friday was the first day in about 15 months without any deaths from Covid-19. In Tokyo, with a population of 40 million, this Monday there were only six new cases of the disease, however, as emphasized by prof. Inoue, it’s worth being careful and remember that there may be more variants of the coronavirus to which the Japanese population is not immune.

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