Fiat Fastback for South America only

Fiat shows the Fastback suv coupé, which is distinguished by a very dynamic body

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The Fiat Fastback is the name of the first Suv coupé of the Italian house which, however, will be exclusive to South America and, specifically, to Brazil and Argentina. After showing some teaser images that anticipated the shape, Fiat has published the complete images announcing the future availability of the model.

Fiat Fastback, only for South America

Looking at the images on the front, you can see a large mask with the word Fiat positioned in the center and the LED headlights that extend horizontally. Very particular are the vertical air intakes where the fog lights are positioned. Seen from the side you can see the large wheel arches in raw plastic that give an off-road tone to the car and the steeply sloping roofline. At the rear you can see the sloping rear window and the slender headlights that extend horizontally. The full-length glass roof adds a premium touch to the car.

Fiat is a leader in brazil

Fiat in Brazil is the absolute leader and therefore it is easy to understand why the Italian company has invested in a new model. From a technical point of view, the Fastback should be related to the Suv Pulse, sharing both the Mla platform and the engines. This means that the Fastback should be equipped with the 128 hp “mille” engine with a torque of 200 Nm. The presence of the 1.3-liter 106 hp and 134 Nm of torque is still not certain. Both units should be associated with either the automatic Cvt which transfers the power to the front axle.

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