Fiat ready for the electric rebirth. Do we really start with the new Mickey Mouse?

CEO Carlos Tavares has often had mixed words regarding the transition to electric, but it is now a fact that virtually all brands managed by Stellantis are started, some before, some after, towards a fully electric future almost.

Among these there is certainly Fiatwhich, apart from the success of the new 500, incidentally only and exclusively electric, has been suffering for some time from the lack of a true generational change in the range. So in recent months rumors about possible models have become insistent, obviously based on platforms in common with the Group, electric and basically completely new.

A first suspect would be an average, probably crossover, based on the Jeep Avangerelectric and that could take the name Point. It would not be the only historic name to return to the range, as there have been many rumors about the future as well baby mouse.

Fiat Topolino

Already rumored in the spring, the return of the urban car par excellence should take place with a rebranding operation, using the Citron Ami without too many modificationsexactly as Opel did for the Rocks-e. So the same tubular steel frame, the same autonomy around 75 km, and speed limited to 45 km / h, to allow driving from 14 years old with an AM license.

For the same reasons, the Topolino (absolutely unofficial name and the result of speculations) would have very little Italian, since designed in France and manufactured at the Stellantis plant in Kenitra, Morocco. The times that circulate in the environment are for different. There are those who would like it to arrive at the end of the year, for a grand launch at the beginning of 2023, but for others the Fiat executive would have pulled the handbrake, thinking more about 2024.

If this were really the decision, there could be Citron’s hand which, thanks to the numbers of Ami which alone obtains 60% of the registrations of all quadricycles, would not look favorably on the risk of losing the monopoly of the segment. Here too, however, there could be a trick to avoid excessive competition at home. It is said that the Mickey Mouse, in order to stand out, could have a few more luxurious finishes, giving up in part to the pop interior, in exchange for greater elegance and, perhaps, a slightly higher price.

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