FIFA 22: Players with a petition. They want the player removed from the game

FIFA 22 fans have created a petition to remove Presnel Kimbembe from the game. The Paris Saint-Germain defender’s card is so good that it spoils the enjoyment of the game.

The 26-year-old unexpectedly became one of the most-selected players in the FUT Champions squad of the French runner-up. The stopwatch is statistically inferior to many of its teammates, of course, but the value for money of its card is what makes it so popular with gamers.

Kimbembe is one of the toughest defenders in the game, and the price of his card does not ruin the budget of virtual managers. On the one hand, his ubiquity is annoying, and on the other hand, the very difficulty that accompanies a duel with a defender while building his team’s attacks. According to some fans of the series, the attributes of the Paris Saint-Germain charge are overestimated compared to what level of play he presents in reality.

All this prompted fans to create an online petition, which has already been backed by almost eight thousand people. Signatures are increasing rapidly, but the French obviously has nothing to worry about. EA has been able to remove players from the game, but this was true, for example, currently in custody Benjamin Mendy. Such a large vote of players may, however, induce the creators of FIFA to verify the player’s statistics.

“Since the release of the latest installment of the series, Presnel Kimbembe has already spoiled millions of players’ evenings, especially the FUT Champions mode. Its removal will make the game a friendly space for everyone again ”- explained in the description available at of the petition.

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