FIFA 23, audiovisual enhancements preview

During the official presentation, EA Sports focused on the audiovisual improvements of FIFA 23 and how it intends to improve its sports game.

The eye also wants its part. Perhaps responding to this saying, EA Sports, in its journey in stages towards the complete announcement of all the features of this year, has decided to dedicate an in-depth study to the presentation of FIFA 23, that is, to those graphic and sound improvements that we will be able to notice with the new chapter, especially as regards the PC version, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia, or those with still room for growth.

Some things we already knew …

It is certainly a rather complex topic to be strictly limited. In recent weeks, for example, we talked about the HyperMotion2 of FIFA 23, a technology that affects both the behavior of virtual players, but also how they move, their animations, on their realism. It is therefore an extremely important aspect for the visual fidelity of the new chapter. EA Sports talks about over 6 thousand new animations and an algorithm driven by Machine Learning able to choose and combine them in the most realistic way possible, at least so far.

Trying to simplify the speech, it is a series of new “rules” that allow the system to solve some situations in a more elegant and realistic way and in this way to give virtual players a few more moves to solve the thorniest situations. For example, the new slide animations make this fundamental more effective, making defenders more aware of what is happening and allowing them to search for the ball instead of just going straight.

A similar argument could be made for the jockey, the side jog that defenders do to face an attacker, or the new animations introduced to stop high balls and kick. These are many small additions that, perhaps, the casual player will not even notice, but which contribute to further expanding the variety of shots and situations of FIFA 23.

With the introduction of Power Shot, or Supertiri, as we like to call them, EA Sports has also found an “excuse” to include those tense trajectories that fans have always clamored for, a little jealous of the stones that could be thrown in PES. But it is not just about this: now there are many new shots, such as high passes from the outside, crosses from the three quarters and above all greater freedom of the ball, which will take more and more casual trajectories, and therefore realistic, after a shot taken. badly or various rebounds.

Football on TV

The new chants and new cheering animations of FIFA 23

The new chants and new cheering animations of FIFA 23

The goal of EA Sports is not so much to try to emulate the sport, but to make FIFA 23 as similar as possible to the football on TV. For this reason, the development team is committed to seeking technical solutions that can guarantee the variety of views and shots typical of television broadcasts.

Being the most visible element in the field, the new grass it is perhaps the “small change” with the greatest impact. The development team has worked to make the turf more realistic and less homogeneous, with the blades of grass clearly visible, but above all that degrade over time due to slips and game clashes. These signs will remain throughout the game, telling in their own way the unfolding of the match.

The new grass of FIFA 23

The new grass of FIFA 23

Another element that does not affect the gameplay, but the appearance of the games are the new networks of the doors, now created with a 3D model and therefore able to move in a more realistic way thanks to their own physics. Improvements should be seen by watching the net inflate after a goal or interact with the players if they follow the ball after scoring.

The development team also worked on the audience in the stands, in order to make it more varied and able to react in concert with the evolution of the game. More than 500 new official choirs have been added, as well as several unique choreographies for the most famous clubs. They could not miss new official anthems and the music that you hear after the goals. Even the commentary, certainly the English one, the Italian one will have to be verified, it has been improved, with many new phrases that will try to tell both the game and the eventual season in a more varied and dynamic way.

There is also a new camera with a shallow depth of field that brings the game even closer to what is seen on TV.

Replay AR

AR Replay shows goals in a new and dynamic way

AR Replay shows goals in a new and dynamic way

The biggest news of the FIFA 23 presentation is, most likely, the introduction of the Replay AR HyperMotion2. In other words, EA Sports has created a system capable of analyzing the action, usually a goal, and then showing it using the most spectacular shots, slowing down and zooming to better emphasize the technical gesture and placing some interesting data on top of it, such as speed. of the shot in the case of a first hit or the elevation after a header.

This is an element that also in this case does not change the game one iota, but drastically improves the story of the match, both for those who want to enjoy their goals and for those who watch the game from the outside.

The new game introductions start outside the stadium

The new game introductions start outside the stadium

A very similar process was used to create the new game introductions, which are more fluid in the transition from entering the field to the beginning of the match. There will be new shots, such as drone footage, which will mark the start of the most important matches and show the licensed stadiums in a whole new light.

To increase the immersion come several new official graphics packages ranging from WSL to D1F, the first women’s leagues present in FIFA 23, to move on to Serie A TIM, finally available with official logos, cuts and music. Female referees have also been introduced and the design of FIFA Trainer has been revised, that system designed to suggest the moves to be performed directly in the match.


There are more than 500 new stadium chants in FIFA 23

There are more than 500 new stadium chants in FIFA 23

Another aspect that is always very nice in EA Sports FIFA and in sports games in general is that of the soundtrack. In FIFA 23 EA Sports has expanded TRAXthe audio player inside the game, so that his songs can also be transmitted during gameplay, so that you can hear your favorite soundtrack during the games in an easy and intuitive way.

A little news for PlayStation 5 users is the fact that EA Sports has decided to use the built-in speaker in the DualSense to reproduce some specific elements of the match, such as referee whistles or tackling sounds. Nothing transcendental, indeed, but some might make the idea smile.

For FIFA 23 EA Sports has thought of many small / big changes to improve the presentation of the game. In addition to the many new animations guaranteed by HyperMotion2, the Canadian artists have worked to make the turf and crowds more realistic, the networks moved by realistic physics and new dynamic replays. Added to these are a plethora of new licenses that will give matches from different leagues, such as our Serie A TIM, a more realistic look. All things that do not affect the gameplay in the least, but that bring the game closer and closer to televised matches.


  • The new turf is spectacular
  • The new intelligent replays
  • The Serie A TIM license


  • These are all things that do not affect the gameplay in the least

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