Fifa 23 for PS4, PS5 and Xbox at a discount on eBay: how much it costs

Fifa 23 was released on PS4, PS5, Xbox and on PC on September 30th, as we explained in our piece with all the news of the new version. While waiting for our review, which will arrive soon on The Right Choice, we can start playing with it.

The innovations are really many, since the return of Juventus exclusively to the “extras” of famous actors such as the protagonist of Ted Lasso, up to the possibility of playing in cross play and women’s teams to have fun with.

And to do that, you need to buy Fifa 23 which is also available on eBay, where in these weeks there are special discounts for all video game fans. We have collected the best models here.

Fifa 23 in Italian for Ps4 and on discount

Fifa 23 eBay

This version of Fifa 23 is for Ps4 and is played in Italian. In addition, there is also the possibility of saving up to 6% if you make multiple purchases through the same retailer.

You can buy it here

Fifa 23 for PS4

Fifa 23 eBay

Let’s start from the basics, or from the game sold in single and new packaging, as also confirmed by the description found on eBay. This is in Italian and can be played on PlayStation 4. In addition, the reseller is one of the “premiums” of the platform and therefore among those recommended.

You can buy it here

Fifa 23 for Ps5

Fifa 23 eBay

Those who have a Play Station 5 you can buy this special version, always in Italian and, as the retailer assures, the package has never been opened and is still sealed.

You can buy it here

Fifa 23 for for Xbox

Fifa 23

Then there are those who have the XBox: in this case you can buy the suitable version, which on eBay you will find in Italian and once again in Italian.

You can buy it here

Fifa 23 for pc

Fifa 23

What if you have a pc instead? This is the title you need to look for, the only difference with console products is that in this case the game must be installed from the reference platform (Steam, Origin, Uplay, PSN, Nintendo eShop, …) instead of from disk.

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