FIFA 23: let’s find out what’s new in FUT, from the new Understanding to the shared market

Let’s find out what’s new in FUT, FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the queen mode of the EA Sports football game, between new alchemy and FUT Moments.

The overview of the next FIFA could only end with all of them the news preview of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, or simply FUT. We are talking about what over the years has not only become the main mode of EA’s football game, but also one of the most important items in the financial report of the North American giant, a money machine capable of influencing the destinies of the series by itself.

FUT is, most likely, also the reason why EA Sports he is not particularly afraid of next year’s split when the fates of the FIFA brand and those of the football series of the same name will separate: he knows that the players will follow the beloved combination of managerial, the collection of stickers and a football game.

Never as in this case, however, we have to remind fans why they love this FIFA 23 mode so much: for this reason the team has introduced some interesting new features capable of renewing the experience.

New Understanding

A new Team Chemistry will debut in FUT

A new Team Chemistry will debut in FUT

The most evident change is undoubtedly that linked toTeam understanding o Alchemy. EA Sports has decided to make the parameters less stringent to achieve the maximum understanding between the team members, in order to allow greater freedom in team building. To do this, he simply eliminated the proximity bonus, or the need to have close like-minded players in order to have alchemical ties.

This placed very stringent stakes on the composition of the squad, as well as creating unlikely situations: why Di Maria and Chiesa, two teammates who also play in the same department, can’t get a bonus Intesa just because they occupy the opposite wings? Why don’t Donnarumma and Immobile, team mates of the national team, benefit from each other’s presence?

By eliminating the bonus linked to the position, each player will be able to seek his alchemical bonds with all other teammates, regardless of where they are deployed. To indicate the strength of each bond there will now be 3 stars, indicated at the bottom left of the card. The first will light up with one tie, the second with 3 ties and the third with 4 or more league, position, team or nationality ties. In FIFA 23, the understanding of the individual player must be taken into account, since that of the team has been eliminated, as well as the loyalty parameter.

The rules of Heroes and Icons do not change: the former also count as two increases for the Threshold of Understanding of their Nation / Region, the latter will count two increases for the Threshold of Understanding of the League and one increase for the Threshold of Understanding of the Nation /Region. Yaya Toure, Park Ji-sung, Ricardo Carvalho and Claudio Marchisio will be the new Heroes of FUT, the latter thanks to the new agreement with Juventus.

The new Understanding of FUT

The new Understanding of FUT

Another novelty is that in FIFA 23 we only talk about bonuses. A footballer with no alchemical ties will play exactly as he would in the Seasons or in a friendly match. Having support mates will progressively improve his abilities. To make sure that players do not abuse (too much) the new freedom granted, the developers have decided to limit roles in which a player can play naturally based on his real abilities and not according to the role. In other words, thanks to the new role change object, a Cancelo can play indifferently as a right or left back, but he can no longer be transformed into a winger. Similarly, Lukaku can no longer be set back in midfield, as it was possible to do with past role management. A player out of position will not be able to forge bonds of understanding with his teammates, perhaps the greatest brake that EA Sports has ever put to the creative use of some players on the pitch. To simplify this process EA Sports has removed the RF and LF positions from FUT.

FUT Moments

Some of the new customizations of FUT 23

Some of the new customizations of FUT 23

Even among the game activities we can include some interesting news. The main ones are undoubtedly i FUT Moments, a series of very short single-player scenarios with which to test your skills. For each challenge, the developers of EA Sports will indulge themselves with special tasks and requests, often inspired by what happens during the week of the championship (or that of the world championships). For example, they may ask to make three quick passes before scoring or scissoring in the middle of the area. These will often be very short tasks, lasting a few minutes at the most, which can be quickly restarted if things don’t go as planned.

The goal will, of course, be to earn as many Stars as possible to redeem in the Moments Star Gallery in exchange for special awards. There will be small items immediately after completing the challenge, but also more substantial prizes by collecting many stars: in the example given, with 300 stars you could redeem a Dybala ToW, but there were also special packages with which to grow your team.

In FIFA 23, stadiums can be customized to a greater extent

In FIFA 23, stadiums can be customized to a greater extent

Each FUT Moment will try to tell a Story and will do so with short chapters, or decisive moments for the growth of a specific champion. In the’Ascent of Mbappé we will begin to retrace the career of the young French star. In “The Victory in the 88th” we will have the final 2 minutes of the match to score the equalizer with Mbappé and prevent the other team. Once you have completed this chapter you will move on to the next and so on until the end of the story. Some Stories will be fixed, while others will be published in time during the season.

Steps forward have also been made in terms of personalization of the stages. Now the FUT Stadium will have 3 different levels of growth, each featuring new animated banners, items to unlock and various effects. As a home for your team, you can obviously choose one of the many licensed stadiums, but the customization options of the game structure and the support make the path of the personalized stadium more and more interesting to follow.

Cross-play and HyperMotion2

The news of HyperMotion2 will also be visible in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The news of HyperMotion2 will also be visible in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

It is worth briefly mentioning two general features that will bring great benefits to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The first is certainly that of cross-play, an apparently minor technical innovation, but which actually substantially simplifies the life of many players who can freely choose their own reference platform knowing that they can freely challenge friends who have instead chosen a different hardware manufacturer. In other words, for the same generation, PlayStation 5 users will be able to challenge Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia and PC (and vice versa) in all 1 vs 1 modes. Thanks to such a large audience of players from which to draw on there will be multiple benefits in the speed and accuracy of matchmaking, since the system will have many more alternatives from which to choose the opponent with the best connection and the closest level of strength possible.

With the cross-play comes a big news: up to the year sip the Transfer market it was shared between families of platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox. For FUT 23 EA has ensured that the transfer market is shared between PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC and Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, will have their own transfer markets.

How the FUT 23 Icons work

How the FUT 23 Icons work

Finally, always on the current generation platforms, it will be possible to enjoy all the news that we have told you in the preview of theHyperMotion2 of FIFA 23. These are many technological improvements designed on the one hand to expand the moves available to the gamer and improve the gameplay, on the other to make the gaming experience even more televised.

Lastly, EA Sports confirms that the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be integrated into FUT, obviously when it is played in Quatar.

FIFA 23 will try to stir the waters of FUT a bit. Having changed the team alchemy and limited the change of positions could be two changes able to fundamentally modify the way in which teams are built, guaranteeing on the one hand greater freedom of action and on the other greater relevance to the reality. The FUT Moments also seem to be a fast and fun mode with which to test your skills, as well as earn some FUT cards, which doesn’t hurt.


  • The new alchemy promises freedom
  • FUT Moments
  • No more fake positions on the pitch


  • Will they manage to have more than one competitive 11?

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