FIFA rules will prevent Jorge Sanchez from signing Cruz Azul

Legal authorities are seeking to determine whether the transfer of the 26-year-old Mexico national team player was expedient.

Mexico – blue cross FIFA rules will prevent it from being signed Jorge Sanchezthe operation may fail.

Consulting sources ESPN Legal and Sports Intelligence confirmed blue cross Analyze FIFA regulations to determine a possible transfer for the 26-year-old from the Mexico national team.

According to this regulation, a professional football player can register with up to three clubs in a season, which ranges from August to June of the following year. However, players are not allowed to participate in official matches of more than two teams.

Reviewed by the legal department of the State Sports General Administration blue cross refers to the fact that Jorge Sanchez At the beginning of the season, he came on as a substitute in two games for Ajax: against Hercules on 12 August, and against Excelsior on 19 August, the first two games of the season. Eredivisie.

At the Cement Club, a study is underway on whether FIFA will consider these two official matches as “played” Jorge Sanchez When appearing on the lineup sheet, because in this case, 13 official matches have been played for Porto Portuguese Serie Athis The UEFA Champions League and cup games, I have no formal meeting minutes this semester Blue Cross.

This provision is found in Article 3, paragraph 4, of the FIFA Players’ Status and Transfer Regulations.

Jorge Sanchez has signed a one-year loan with Porto from August 29 to June 30, with an option to buy. blue cross Also examine whether there are obstacles based on Article 10 of the same Article 10, since its subsection f) prohibits clubs from loaning or permanently transferring a professional player to a third club while the player is fulfilling the transfer contract, as is the case with Sanchez .

Currently from La Noria and the representative agency -Promofut- Jorge Sanchez We continue to insist on completing his transfer to blue crossbut only if all parties are convinced that FIFA will allow the Mexican right-back to register and participate in official matches, in addition Ajax – clubs with passes – and Porto -The team with which the player has a current contract-, agrees to a final transfer.

According to multiple sources, Jorge Sanchez’s situation now looks complicated, in fact blue cross One could wait until the summer transfer market to sign the player for the 2024-25 season, as it is the player who has internally expressed his desire to return to the team Mexico And put on a light blue shirt, which seems difficult to achieve today.

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