Fifty Shades of Red / On Italia 1 the film with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

Fifty Shades of Red, the third film in the series on Italia 1

The television programming of Italia 1 foresees the broadcast of the film for the prime time of Wednesday 21 September at 21:25 Fifty shades of red. The film was made in the United States of America in 2018 by the film company of Universal Pictures with the subject based on the novel of the same name written by EL James.

The direction is by Fifty Shades of Red is James Foley with screenplay revised and adapted by Niall Leonard, the editing was done by Richard Francis-Bruce, the music of the soundtrack is by Danny Elfman while the cast is present Dakota Johnson, Jamie DornanEric Johnson, Fay Masterson, Luke Grimes and Eloise Mumford.

Fifty shades of red, the plot of the film

In “Fifty shades of red“Christian and Anastasia are finally married but their sentimental vicissitudes do not cease to be stormy. In fact, they have to interrupt their honeymoon to go home immediately because there are problems with the company headquarters. It seems that computers and in particular some files were stolen by strangers in a rather strange operation. After contacting the police forces, the videos recorded by the security cameras are viewed and it is discovered that the perpetrator of the theft is Jack, i.e. the former boss of Anastasia, recently fired for an alleged sexual assault against the woman.

Due to growing fears about the safety of the facility and especially of Anastasia, it was decided to create a new personal safety team for the woman. Unfortunately, the vicissitudes between the two spouses are destined to always be complicated because the man decides to revisit the architecture of their home by hiring a splendid woman specialized in design and architecture. The woman flirts openly with Christian, even in front of his own wife. Anastasia then decides to intervene clearly. However, the events risk becoming even more complicated because when Anastasia takes advantage of her husband’s business trip to be with her friend Kate for a while, she learns that her current partner Elliot, moreover Christian’s older brother, seems to have a hidden relationship with the same design expert. There will be many other issues that will have to be addressed such as the debate on the marital freedom of poor Anastasia who will also be the subject of an attempted kidnapping by Jack Hyde …


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