Fight against lung cancer, Ire protagonist at the oncology – Medicine congress

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 04 – The efficacy of immunotherapy, of a latest generation drug, and of another molecule has been confirmed; launched a large number of experimental programs aimed at patients with disease even at an advanced stage and who no longer respond to conventional therapies; participation in the Italian Lung Screening Network (Risp), which can save lives: the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute (Ire) was the protagonist at the national congress Aiom (Italian Association of Medical Oncology) for news on lung cancer therapies. There are 3 works presented, all coordinated at national level by the IRE. The first, discussed by Federico Cappuzzo, Director of the UOC of Medical Oncology 2, reports the results of the randomized SQUINT study, conducted in over 20 Italian cancer centers. The study enrolled 91 patients with advanced-stage squamous-type lung cancer. “The research – explained Cappuzzo – has confirmed in this type of patients, generally difficult to treat, the high efficacy of immunotherapy. In addition, it was possible to carry out in-depth biological analyzes in order to define who are the patients who benefit. mostly immunotherapy “.

In the second study, however, the biological characteristics of patients with lung cancer who present a specific molecular alteration, ie the rearrangement of the ROS1 gene, were analyzed, treated with a latest generation drug, lorlatinib. In addition to confirming the great efficacy of the molecule, the study, explained Lorenza Landi, Head of UOSD Clinical Trials: Phase 1 and Precision Medicine, “is to have identified a group of patients who benefit significantly from the therapy and these patients are those who do not have a concomitant mutation of another gene, TP53 “.

Gabriele Minuti, Phase 1 UOSD and Precision Medicine physician presented the third study, CABinMET which evaluated the efficacy of an anti MET drug in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) who present the mutation of this gene specific (MET).

“The ferment of news presented by our experts at the AIOM Congress – declares Gennaro Ciliberto, IRE Scientific Director – testifies to how much our institutes are investing in the fight against lung cancer. We have a large number of experimental programs in progress aimed at patients with the disease. at an advanced stage and no longer responding to conventional therapies. Clinical trials are a distinctive point of IRCCS Istituto Tumori Regina Elena because they are constantly growing: 400 clinical trials activated only in 2021. ” (HANDLE).