“Fight in a cage in 2 or 3 months.” Pashabiceps will reveal the details of the Sport fight

Jarosaw “pashabiceps” Jarzbkowski is a retired esport player, who is about to change his profession and take up MMA fights. The Pole has long been planned to appear at the FAME MMA gala and it looks like his debut has already been confirmed.

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Fight in 2-3 months

A few days ago Pasha was a special guest of the CS: GO tournament in Budapest. It was an event of the V4 Future Sports Festival 2021. Jarzbkowski will appear on the English-language broadcast and talk about what he is currently doing.

The Pole explained to the studio hosts that he was preparing to enter the cage. – Get ready to fight in the MMA formula. Several Polish organizations offered me the so-called “Celebrity fights”, but I could also choose a fighter who has been practicing martial arts all his life. 2-3 months and you will see papito in a cage – the approximate date of pasha revealed. The athlete joked that he would be a representative of the entire industry. He said.

Are the rumors confirmed?

The information about the approximate date of the fight was not the only one that the pasha revealed. The 33-year-old also identified his future opponent. “He’s not lounging on the couch, but he’s strong like me.” He’s as strong as the Hulk – who can pasha talk about? Suspicions fall on Nikol “Lobanjic” Mijomanovic. He is a man from the streaming and e-sports environment, whose posture resembles Jarzbkowski. Moreover, even Wojtek Gola – a co-owner of FAME MMA contacted the streamer. logical whole.

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The studio hosts joked that they could not imagine the aggressive pasha who is a nice character on a daily basis. Jarzbkowski also drew attention to this problem. – The worst part is that I don’t have haters. I don’t have a guest that I hate. This is problematic for my head as it prepares to fight. I am always friendly – will finish the pasha.

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