fighters stop fighting during the ads

Many, we suspected, when for years we saw on our tv the “fighting” wrestling World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the so-called ‘Pressing Catch’. We thought that it was a ‘theater’, a show pretty well choreographed punching and kicking well directed but not impacting directly on the opponent.

Now, we already have to tests. The latest evidence that these fights are more false than a ticket for six euros just to get out to the light… thanks to the coronavirus.

Images, issued accidentally, show that the fighters stopped fighting during the breaks advertising in the event SmackDown last Friday. The show, which is usually done in public, had to be moved and held in a facility of the WWE without the presence of spectators to prevent the spread of the Covid-19.

“This is embarrassing”

According to us LAD Bible, an error in one of the chambers, who continued to record, led some viewers, which continued the fight from outside the U.S., they could see what was happening in the ‘ring’ during a break commercial of the Fox, which airs the event in the united States.

“The fact that no fight is a documentary material more valuable than any movement that had been done during the commercials”

And what happened is that during the break, in which, in theory, were fighting Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross against Bayley and Sasha Banksthe fighters, instead of hitting, and grasping by the neck, made a pause and they took advantage of the broadcast ad to relax and kill time.

In the social networks the reactions have been more variedfrom those who criticized the attitude of the fighters, up to that justified the attitude and the rest of the same. “There are people watching them, so why bother?”“this is embarrassing” or “the fact that you do not have to fight during the commercials is a documentary material more valuable any movement they would have done during the business” were some of the tweets that were published.

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