Film Festival, from 12 to 17 November the fifth edition of the Felix Award

22 films will be proposed including films, docufilms, short films and documentaries from numerous countries.

AGIPRESS – MILAN – The V Edition of the Felix Award which this year is growing, confirming its aptitude to give space and voice to International cinema, allowing us to ideally “travel” through countries and cultures, life experiences and emotions, thanks to an art that is for everyone. The Award is promoted by the Felix Cultural Association, sponsored by the Lombardy Region, with the contribution and sponsorship of the Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual – Ministry of Culture, in cultural collaboration with the Cultural Adrenal Association and Ibrahim Kodra Swiss Foundation. The Festival will be hosted on 12, 13 and 14 November in Monzaat the Casa del Volontariato and the 15,16 and 17 November at the Palazzo del Cinema Anteo in Milan.

On Thursday 17 November, during the final evening of the Gala, the winning film of the fifth edition will be screened in the presence of guests from the world of entertainment and culture. An opportunity to celebrate Cinema by sharing its passion. The 2022 Jury chaired by the producer Roberto Bessi is composed by Alessandro Trani editor of the Magazine 24 Ore News, Vlada Novikova Nava, art critic and director Luciano Boschetti. Roberto Bessi, a life between Los Angeles and Rome, from Sandokan to Hollywood, executive creative producer, has worked on dozens of films, including Richard Donner’s Ladyhawk, with Michelle Pfeiffer, A Good Woman by Mike Barker, with Helen Hunt, Scarlett Johansson and Tom Wilkinson, just to name a few. This year he willingly accepted to be president by making available his long experience and the unconditional love he has for cinema: “Cinema has a universal nature. It is a bridge to others and a mirror in which to reflect ourselves; cross borders and prove that we all belong to the same family. The Felix Festival celebrates cinematography by offering us a unique opportunity to access landscapes, languages ​​and stories that don’t always get the attention they deserve. It is an honor to be part of this fifth edition of the Festival and a unique cultural occasion. We have to thank the cinema – concludes Roberto Bessi – which allows us to ideally travel to the lesser-told part of the world, enriching us with looks that the contemporary world is very much in need of. So I thank all those who made these films, technicians and artists, producers and screenwriters, musicians and actors: Long live the cinema! “

The Festival also this year evolves and grows, proposing 22 films including films, docufilms, short films and documentaries from many countries that deserve the attention of fans. In competition among others: Semetey, son of Manas – Kyrgyzstan (The Epic of Manas and the epic poem of the Kyrgyz people), screenwriter and producer Omurzak Tolobekov, directed by Egemberdi Bekboliev and Darkhan Kozhokhan (2022), Chicken – Kazakhstan, direct short film by Anastassiya Biryucheva (2022), Giovanni Rossi Made in Italy – Italy, documentary directed by Corrado Calda and Giusy Cafari Panico, Sold out – Russia, short film directed by Danila Kozlovsky (2022), Moloko – Russia, film directed by Armenian director Karen Oganesyan (2021), Scent of melon in Samarkand – Uzbekistan, directed by Ali Khamraev (2021), To fly or not to fly? – Georgia, comedy directed by George Kacharava and Bolle – Italy, short film directed by Andrea Rampini (2022).

Alessandro Trani, Editor of 24 Ore News Magazine, who has always followed the festival, this year is called to judge the films in competition, declares: “After the success of the last edition held at Palazzo Reale, the Felix Prize is still growing, becoming more and more more international by presenting films, docufilms and short films that probe the human soul by involving countries and cultures, in different scenarios that have in common the emotion that touches everyone, regardless of differences or borders. I am honored to be part of this jury and contribute to promoting the Cinema that tells life stories, giving us the opportunity to reflect through its films ”. AGIPRESS

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