Film tonight on TV not to be missed on Wednesday 5 October 2022

Here is an overview of the films that will air tonight on TV on Sky channels. All Première and first pass Libraries are also available on Sky On Demand and Sky Go.

Drama film to see on TV tonight

Petra 2, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema 4K

TV series with Paola Cortellesi and directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi, inspired by the character of the novels by Alicia Giménez-Bartlett.

Dolor y gloria, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Drama

Pedro Almodovar directs an autobiographical film with Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz.

The Wife – Living in the shadows, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Due +24

Glenn Close in a drama film. A woman who has dedicated her entire life to her husband decides to take her liberties.

Comedy movie to see on tv tonight

Parents vs Influencers, 9.00 pm on Sky Cinema Family

Fabio Volo and Giulia De Lellis in a comedy. A professor clashes with his daughter because of social media but in turn becomes an influencer.

The perfect lovers, Friday at 9pm on Sky Cinema Romance

Comedy with Julia Roberts, John Cusack, Billy Crystal and Catherine Zeta-Jones. A couple of actors pretend to get along to promote a film.

The profs arrive, at 21:00 on Sky Cinema Comedy

Comedy with Claudio Bisio. To avoid the closure of a high school with too many failures, the Ministry of Education sends some extravagant teachers.

Action movie to see on tv tonight

Redemption Day, 9.00 pm on Sky Cinema Action

Gary Dourdan and Andy Garcia in an action movie. A soldier must save his wife from a terrorist attack.

Science fiction movies to see on TV tonight

Signals from the future, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno +24

Action movie with Nicolas Cage. A professor comes into possession of a document that prophesies some disasters not yet happened.

Adventure movie to see on tv tonight

The Goonies, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Collection

Memorable adventure by Richard Donner. A group of kids search for the treasure of a legendary pirate.

Biographical film to see on TV tonight

Steve Jobs, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Due

Michael Fassbender in the biopic on the genius Apple directed by Danny Boyle. Jobs retraces his life through three key product presentations of him.

Free-to-air programs

Commissioner Montalbano, at 21:25 on Rai 1

Luca Zingaretti is Inspector Montalbano, a character created by Andrea Camilleri and successfully transported to the small screen.

Crimes in Paradise, at 21:20 on Rai 2

Very lucky TV series created by Robert Thorogood set on an island.

Who has seen it ?, at 21:20 on Rai 3

Federica Sciarelli leads the program that deals with finding missing people and analyzing some disappearances.

Countercurrent, at 21:20 on Rete 4

Television rotogravure in which politics and social issues are discussed, with Veronica Gentili at the helm.

Emigratis – The showdown, at 21:20 on Canale 5

Pio and Amedeo return with their comic format in which they travel the world.

Security, 9.20 pm on Italia 1

Antonio Banderas and Ben Kingsley in an action-packed thriller film.

A special day, 9.15 pm on La7

Aldo Cazzullo protagonist of a documentary of historical analysis.

X Factor 2022, 9:30 pm on TV8

New edition of the famous musical reality show with Fedez, Francesca Michielin, Dargen D’Amico, Ambra Angiolini and Rkomi as judges.

The perfect robbery, 21:25 hours on Nove

Jason Statham in a heist movie based on a true story.

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