Final Fantasy main scenes not for Xbox Series X | S? Sony wants “PlayStation to be home” to the series

Cooperation on the Sony-Square Enix line may turn out to be a big problem for Microsoft supporters. If the latest news is confirmed, the main installments of the Final Fantasy series will not appear on the Xbox Series X | S. These games are to be reserved for PS5 and PC.

In 2022, the market will not run out of large games from Square Enix, but only some of them will debut on all generations. All thanks to the studio’s good relationship with Sony, which, according to the latest report, wants players to learn about the most important titles from Japan on PlayStation consoles.

We already reported a few hours ago that VGC’s Jordan Middler mentioned Square Enix’s upcoming time-exclusive games headed for PS5. The journalist apparently received additional details and decided to share them.

J.In my opinion, the main installments of the Final Fantasy series are to appear on PlayStation, because Sony wants their platform to be home to this IP:

“Most of Square’s stuff will end up on Xbox, but I wouldn’t count on FF unless something changes. Sony wants PS to be home to this generation FF. “

Jordan Middler confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Remake was supposed to hit the Xbox, but as you know, Square Enix did not decide to transfer the game to Microsoft consoles – instead, the item was released on PC many months after the original premiere.

As you know, Forspoken (PS5 / PC) and Babylon’s Fall (PS5 / PS4 / PC) at least not currently debut on Xbox, but the spin-off Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin will be available on many devices.

Sony, however, was supposed not only to guarantee a smaller IP (potentially Forspoken / Babylon’s Fall), but also main installments of the Final Fantasy series. It’s hard to say if this is true, but as you know, Final Fantasy XVI was announced exclusively on PS5.

We can even suspect that Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 will also only hit Sony hardware, and in fact, it’s hard to say whether Square Enix will be able to provide more games from the “main series” in the coming years.


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