Final Fantasy VI deserves a remake more than the “nine”

Final Fantasy VI debuted on the SNES in 1994, initially only in Japan and the United States. The European release appeared much later, in 2002, when the production was released for the first PlayStation. I played this version quite late, about a decade ago. And like critics and gamers many years before, I fell head over heels in love with this game, although the beginnings were boring.

The return of magic

When it comes to the Final Fantasy series, it’s hard not to mention the story. Even if the first three parts stand out from the successors due to the simplicity of the story, it has always been an important element of these games. In the “four”, the creators went into more serious tones, gave the protagonists much more character and at the same time took care of the diversified tone of individual threads. The “five” is similar, but it was Final Fantasy VI that took the series to a higher level.

Final Fantasy VI has a story so good that it can be carried away without major obstacles even today. There are threads that cannot be found in most productions, including contemporary ones – enough to mention the cult opera scene (with a beautiful composition by Nobuo Uematsu); the general split of the world, its duality; or scenes full of tragedy where the heroes lose their loved ones or try to end their lives. In all this, Kefka is important – an antagonist plunged into madness and nihilism, who carries a real chaos with his actions. Such stories are never forgotten.

Of course, due to the age of the game itself, the narrative method would have to be improved – for example by expanding the threads and dialogues. However, there is enough material here that it could be enough for up to four parts in the style of Final Fantasy VII Remake. After all, there are as many as 14 playable characters (!), Each of which has an interesting story to tell. Looking at what the creators did in the first part of the new “seven”, my imagination is working at its highest speed. Anyway, maybe I’d better keep silent, because I have some concerns about the fate of Cloud and the company.

The best defense is attack

Final Fantasy VI is also great and engaging gameplay, although I didn’t make friends with it too quickly. As a fan of action games at the time, I was inconsolable that I had to face opponents in random turn-based matches. Of course, it was most disturbing when it happened to get lost in some more complicated location. Nevertheless, the “sixes” combat system is a very well thought-out thing that offers many possibilities.

Of the 14 playable characters, each has unique abilities and often the weapons they use. Terra knows magic mainly, but she is no stranger to melee weapons. King Edgar, on the other hand, is a fan of technological novelties who will use an automatic crossbow or a noise generator to stir enemies’ heads. His brother Sabin is a martial artist whose fists are stronger than many walls. You can exchange this way for a long time, but it doesn’t make much sense – discovering new protagonists is a big part of the fun.

In the new version, there would be a huge field to show off here and it would not be anything new, because the “seven” showed how to control a character who fights with a sword, and then switch to someone who uses firearms or bare hands. Here it could be more extensive, but probably not all characters would be available immediately. Of course, you would have to move away from turn-based battles.

We set off

I am still very curious how the issue of moving between larger locations will be resolved in Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the original there was a map of the world, which we could move around freely. Along with the new means of transport, new areas were opening up for us. The “six” is similar, although there are not as many vehicles as in the next part.

There are still famous overgrown hens, an airship and, of course, the ability to go on foot. Nothing would stand in the way of expanding this issue a bit, although it depends on whether the creators would like to follow Final Fantasy XV by offering a large world. The latest installment will also go in this direction – at least that’s what the announcement says.

Everyone can see the graphics that are in Final Fantasy VI. However, the PSX version was enriched with an animated intro, where the characters were no longer those miniature caricatures. I think this is a minor obstacle for artists anyway, because the characters themselves were presented in a rather “down-to-earth” way. New arrangements in terms of music will probably be best if the master prepares them himself (although I do not think that he was the only one who provided the best soundtracks in the series – an example is Final Fantasy XII).

Dreams of a severed head

I sincerely doubt that, apart from Final Fantasy VII, in the next few years, Square Enix will think about such a thorough renovation of some other version. Rather, it will not happen to “nine”, let alone “six”. And if anything, they will be remakes more in the style of those that once appeared on the Nintendo DS portable console. However, you can always dream.

The appetite was even increased by Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which in one of the add-ons offered clashes with iconic bosses from my favorite version. I have not dealt with an MMO RPG from Square Enix, but when it is time to check this production (because I will not let it go), I will be looking forward to these moments.

In the meantime, I expect the second part of the “seven” and I secretly hope that the Pixel Remaster collection will also be available on consoles (preferably the current and previous generation). Five parts are already available on Steam, for example, now it remains to wait for the sixth one. I am also waiting for a denial or confirmation of rumors about the Chrono Cross remaster – I am pleased to see this title, because it is one of the most embarrassing arrears I have.

How does it look like with you? Do you have any dream remake from the Final Fantasy series?

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