Final Fantasy VII Remake comes up in the Brazil is 279 royal steelbook may be cancelled or postponed


The fixed price of the physical edition of the Final Fantasy VII Remake rose-of-249,90 to 279,90 real. The reason for this is the high dollar. The value is in the PS Store for the brazilian remains the same.

According to Square Enix, who sets the value of the physical edition is in the distributor, in this case, the Solutions with 2 To Go.

R$ 279,90

In stock

2 brand New
From £ 249,88

From 20/03/2020 at 17:47

Shipping is free

It is no wonder that it is such a value. Games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Resident Evil 3 already the price of the 279,90 real.

People who have made a pre-order with a lower value do not need to worry about, it will continue to pay what has been promised. The value is for just a new pre-ordering and when the game hit the stores.

Sorry, but there’s a rumor circulating that the editions of the steelbook will be cancelled, or simply delayed in Brazil. In the case of this edition, it is imported, and because of the coronavirus will not be able to meet the demand. The information comes from a the topic of the forum OuterSpacethat’s also mentioned that the price would rise to 279,90 in the next few days (which actually happened). In any case, you can consider this as a rumor.

So far, there is not yet an official release in the stores. It is also possible that it’s just a delay to occur, such as in the Square Enix has already warned of the. Even on this issue, Square-Enix has mentioned in the social networks they listened to the feedback from the fans, and set out the key questions to the dealer. More information coming soon.



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