Final sale of 40 percent shares of Gremi Media, the publisher of “Rzeczpospolita”

– I am glad that we have acquired a strong and reliable partner, which is Pluralis BV. Substantive and technological cooperation will increase the attractiveness of the content we offer, and new technologies will allow our clients to reach valuable information faster and easier. It is worth emphasizing that the will of the new shareholder was for me to keep a controlling stake and to keep the current management, both of the company itself, Gremi Media SA, and in the editorial offices – said the dominant shareholder of KCI Grzegorz Hajdarowicz, quoted in the company’s announcement.

In mid-December 2021, KCI concluded an agreement with Pluralis BV to sell a block of shares in Gremi Media for PLN 140 per share.

Gremi Media publishes “Rzeczpospolita”, “Parkiet” and their websites and Moreover, it holds controlling interests in e-Kiosk and KancelarieRP.

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