“Finally free”. That 5S toast at the buvette

In the end, the hard line prevailed. The senators of the 5 Star Movement left the Senate Chamber and, as announced yesterday by their leader, did not vote for the confidence to the Dl Aid. A complicated decision that now opens up to unpredictable scenarios and the result of a day of meetings, that of yesterday, which was anything but in the name of tranquility and harmony. Tensions had already emerged at the national council convened by Giuseppe Conte for 8.30 on Wednesday morning.

A fairly clear signal that the meeting was rather intricate had arrived already in the morning with the absence of the Minister of Agriculture, Stefano Patuanelli, at the conference on wine tourism organized at Palazzo Giustiniani by the senator of the Democratic Party, Dario Stefàno. The minister should have spoken together with his colleagues Garavaglia and Bonetti at the presentation hosted by the President of the Senate, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati. But she canceled at the last minute.

In the meantime it was beginning to leak as to be the line of “hawks“Among these is Senator Airola. “Draghi’s answers can only be nothing or a relative nothing, otherwise he would have given them to us a long time ago”he wrote on Facebook the day before the confrontation, accusing most of the political class of being linked to “multinationals, lobbies, financial groups”. Chains that he like others, evidently, would like to break as soon as possible.

In this regard, there is an emblematic background that comes from the corridors of the Senate. Between the morning meeting and those in the afternoon that would have led Giuseppe Conte to announce his desire not to participate in the vote on the Aid in the Hall of Palazzo Madama, well-informed sources say, two influential pentastellated senators would have been spotted in the surroundings of the Buvette while they toasted with a prosecco to “liberation”. And in fact, at 10.30 pm Conte’s official statement on the tear arrived. A line, the uncompromising one, which according toAdnkronos it would also have been blessed by Beppe Grillo, who, after taking initial positions in support of the measure, would now be “totally in line” with the former prime minister.

“He understood that we could not take it anymore. And also the base: Grillo has a nose as well as having a keen eye on comments on social media. He understood that the base is intolerant no more and no less than us parliamentarians”, tells a source to the same news agency. The aim of the move would therefore be to make the Movement regain some “enthusiasm”. However, not everyone agrees. Appeals to the cautionwhile those returning to the polls by leaders such as Matteo Salvini and Enrico Letta multiplied, they arrived from members of the first hour, such as the group leader in the Chamber Davide Crippa and the former undersecretary Stefano Buffagni.

Minister D’Incà also protested for the Aventine attempting one mediation in extremis, which however was badly wrecked. Among the critics there are also the vice president of Copasir, Federica Dieni and the deputy Mirella Liuzzi. Senator Cinzia Leone, today, took a step further than her by announcing her farewell to the Movement to join Together for the future. And after the tear Conte returns to the attack: “Or there are real, structural and important answers to oppose no one can have our votes”.

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