Financial Times: “US fund interested in the Sicilian Priolo refinery of the Russian Lukoil”

A US private equity fund is considering the acquisition of the Sicilian Isab refinery in Priolo Gargalloin the province of Syracuse. The British newspaper writes it Financial Times. The plant is owned by the Russian Lukoil and risks facing serious difficulties from next December when the European embargo will gradually come into force on Moscow oil. The fund concerned is part of the group Postlane Capital Partner and in 2021 bought a refinery of Shell located in Denmark. Representatives of the phono would have already spent twelve days at the plant conducting a due diligence.

The Sicilian plant is the most important in Italy and supplies the country as well one fifth of the fuels consumed. The plant employs a thousand people in addition to 2,500 employees in the related industries. Unlike what was done by the German government which took control of tre refineries of Rosneft, the Italian government has so far always excluded the option of nationalizing the plant. “Su Lukoil” of Priolo in Sicily “we are in constant contact with Mise, it is a very important issue of the supply chain. The best would be an international, obviously non-Russian takeover. There was no talk of nationalization. There are some things that we are following now, ”the Minister of Ecological Transition said this morning Roberto Cingolani.


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